Civil Process Unit

120 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, N.J. 08754

phone icon  Phone: 732-929-2044
fax icon  Fax: 732-288-7658

The Office of the Sheriff consists of 4 sections responsible for the processing of all Civil documents that originate from the Court system. The four sections are Summons and Complaints, General Writs of Execution, Garnishments and Foreclosures. Documents are not only received from attorneys in New Jersey, but throughout the United States.

Summons and Complaints
General Writs of Execution
Mileage Chart


The Summons and Complaint section is responsible for the processing of Summonses,
Complaints, Subpoenas, Writs of Possession, Writs of Replevin and Orders for
Arrest/Warrants in order to prepare them for service.

Summons and Complaint service requirements
Any documents being forwarded for service MUST have a cover letter with instructions attached including the name and address of both the plaintiff and defendant, along with a self addressed stamped envelope.

Basic Summons and Complaint:

  • The original summons PLUS two (2) copies for each defendant

  • One (1) copy of the complaint for each defendant being served

Out of State Papers:

  • ONLY provide papers needed to be served

  • Unless needed to process, do NOT send additional papers

  • Include any specific instructions for completing paperwork or service

  • Indicate the affidavit or court date in your cover letter and any special instructions

  • $75.00 retainer

Notice of Motion

  • The original notice PLUS two (2) copies for each defendant being served


  • The original subpoena PLUS two (2) copies for each defendant being served

Writ of Replevin

  • The original Writ with the seal, PLUS two (2) copies

Writ of Possession

  • The original Writ with the seal, PLUS two (2) copies, UNLESS it is electronically filed

Civil Warrants

  • The original Warrant for Arrest with the seal

  • A copy of the Order for Arrest/Certification in Support of Warrant

  • A description of the subject and his/her location

  • A date of birth and/or social security number

  • As many physical identifiers as possible on the defendant

Summons and Complaint Service Attempts

A Sheriff’s Officer will make four (4) attempts to execute the document(s), unless otherwise instructed, at which time the paperwork will be returned to the requestor. It should be noted that additional mileage will be charged regardless of the success of the service.

Summons and Complaint Request for Re-Service

To request a document to be re-served, please forward the same documents in the same quantity as specified above with a cover letter. Re-submit payment for processing fees and mileage.

Summons and Complaint fees

Basic Summons (First Defendant)$22.00 $2.00 + mileage
Second Defendant $20.00 mileage
Each additional Defendant$16.00mileage

* No additional mileage charged if all parties reside at the same address.

Husband and Wife at same address$22.00 $2.00 + mileage

* No second defendant fee unless they are living seperate and apart from each other.

Out of State Papers$75.00
*any unused monies will be refunded*
Writ of Replevin$48.00$2.00 + mileage
Writ of Possession$48.00$2.00 + mileage
Civil Warrants$48.00$2.00 + mileage
Pro Se Papers (without counsel)$22.00$2.00 + 4x mileage for each defendant
Notary Fee $3.00

* Checks are to be made payable to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office.