Field Services Unit

The Field Services Unit is an active partner with the United States Marshals Office providing two Detectives to the NY/NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force. This Task Force is Responsible for apprehending the most violent offenders and fugitives in state and out of state, and is the subject of the A&E program titled “Manhunters, Fugitive Task Force”. Fugitives who flee New Jersey are tracked down and extradited back to Ocean County to face their charges. The Warrant Unit investigates and extradites over 100 fugitives yearly.

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The Identification Section is comprised of three Detectives and one Sergeant. This section is responsible for the maintenance of a criminal file database of adults and juveniles who have been arrested by the Ocean County Sheriff's Office, have been remanded to the Ocean County Jail by any other law enforcement agency, or have come in contact with the Justice System of the Superior Court of Ocean County.

Overall, the ID section classifies and processes close to 18,000+ individuals each year.

The ID section also utilizes the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). AFIS provides the ability to electronically transmit fingerprints to the State of New Jersey to speed up the identification process of various subjects. The ID section also utilizes several other state network applications to process other assignments as well.


  • Fingerprinting/Classification

  • Photographs/Mugshots

  • Fugitive complaints

  • Criminal History background checks

  • Domestic Violence/Final Restraining Order processing

  • Expungements

  • DNA/CODIS compliance

  • Photo lineups

  • Military background checks

  • Local agency firearms background checks

  • Major Case Fingerprints

  • PTI/PSI complaint compliance

  • State Indictments processing

  • First Appearances/Indictments processing

  • Out of state firearms applicant processing

  • Federal employment applicant processing

  • Other agency request for Attempt to Identify queries

  • State fingerprint disposed case compliance processing

  • Law Enforcement agency background checks

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For inquiries regarding the Field Services Unit feel free to contact
phone icon Phone - 732-929-2050
fax icon  Fax – 732-349-1888