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Barrier Island Re-Entry Plan

At this time the Toms River Police Department is implementing a plan which would enable residents of the Township to access their barrier island homes and businesses. Since the beginning of this event, Toms River Township has acted in the best interest of the citizens of Toms River. Toms River Township is proud to report that we have had no loss of life or serious injury since the start of this disaster. We plan to keep it that way, and this is why we will continue to move forward in an organized fashion regarding entry to this devastated area. We fully understand the frustration our residents have endured with the inability to view their homes, and we are working diligently to accomplish this goal.

We are beginning re-entry into the northern beach areas. Ortley Beach will be scheduled at a later date due to extensive road damage.

This plan will be implemented in three phases:

PHASE ONE (Begins Friday November 9 through Tuesday November 13)
Residents will be transported to the barrier island from the Bellcrest Plaza (935 Fischer Boulevard Toms River) via Toms River Regional school bus.
Limited entry to full time residents. Two people per residence and proper identification
(drivers license, utility bill etc.) is required.
The township is working in conjunction with beach associations to determine scheduling and selection of individuals who meet these criteria. Residents should access the tomsrivertownship.com website for furtherinformation.

Residents will have approximately 60 minutes to retrieve items that they deem essential to themselves and their families.

These items will be limited to storage in a carry on suitcase that can be placed on the resident's
lap upon return.

The homes and infrastructure in many areas have been severely damaged. As such, All RESIDENTS CHOSINGTO VOLUNTARILY ENTER THEIR HOMES TO INSPECT/REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS DO SO AT THEIROWN RISK.
Residents are reminded to use due caution in and around their residences.

Residents WILL NOT be permitted to wander to other areas of their respected association. Anyone found tonot be in compliance will be immediately removed from the barrier island.

SCHEDULE: Beginning Friday November 9,2012, registration starting at 08:30am at the
Bellcrest Plaza 935 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River.

08:30am-09:15am - Registration for Group 1 at Bellcrest Plaza 935 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River.
09:30am Group 1 departs Bellcrest Plaza for the barrier island.
10:00am Group 1 drop off to barrier island.
10:30am-11:30am Registration for Group 2 at Bellcrest Plaza begins
11:30am Group 1 returns from barrier island.
11:45am Transition buses
12:00pm Group 2 departs for barrier island
01:30pm Group 2 returns and daily operations are completed.
The following phases will be implemented at a later date:

During this phase the remainder of homeowners who are not permanent residents will be allowed on to thebarrier island for home inspection and collection of any essential personal items.

Access to the barrier island will be facilitated for all residents and contractors for winterization and damageassessment.

Toms River Township is dedicated to serve its citizens and will continue to work in conjunction with state and federalagencies to accomplish our goals in a safe and timely manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding duringthese difficult times.

Barrier Island Re-entry Operation

The following Toms River Barrier Island communities will be
permitted limited bus access only on the following dates and times:

*Residents will be broken into 2 groups, please expect some wait time and dress appropriately for conditions.

Friday November 9th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza Fischer Blvd
Ocean Beach Unit 1
Ocean Beach Shores
Sunset Manor Shores

Saturday November 10th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza Fischer Blvd
Monterey Beach
Ocean Beach Unit 2
Seacrest Beach
Sunday November 11th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza Fischer Blvd
Ocean Beach Unit 3
Ocean Beach Peninsula (Bayside)

Monday November 12th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza 935 Fischer Blvd
Chadwick Beach
Silver Beach

*Note Chadwick Beach Island will be scheduled at a later date until bridge is inspected and found to be safe. Please do not respond on this date.

Tuesday November 13th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza Fischer Blvd
Normandy Shores
Normandy Beach

*Tentative date for Chadwick Beach Island is November 13th
0830 Registration at Bellcrest Plaza Fischer Blvd

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