Office of the Surrogate

Jeffrey W. Moran
County Surrogate

Ashley Fiore
Deputy Surrogate

118 Washington Street,
P. O. Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754-2191

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Telephone icon Phone: (732) 929-2011
Fax icon Fax: (732) 506-5087
Clock icon Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm
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Probate of Wills & Copies

Probate of Will (not more than 2 pages) $100.00
For each additional page $5.00
Probate of will without letters $50.00
For each additional page $5.00
Probate of codicil (not more than 1 page) $25.00
Where codicil requires an additional witness $5.00
to reopen proceedings For qualification of

Executor or taking proof of extra witness $25.00
Each additional witness $5.00
Recording each additional page of will or codicil $5.00
Commission $35.00
Copy of will per page $3.00
Certified extra copy of will per page $5.00
For each certificate $5.00
Certified copy of will with proofs For new jersey

County, not exceeding 2 pages including will/codicil $50.00
For pages in excess of two $5.00
wills filed but not Probated, first two pages $10.00
For each additional page $5.00
Plus cover letter stating no assets $5.00
Plus death certificate $5.00
Exemplifying will for another state, not

Exceeding 2 pgs. including will and codicil $75.00
For each additional page $5.00
Filing an exemplified copy of will and Probate

Proceeding from another state, per page $5.00
Filing a certified copy of will with proof

From new jersey, per page $5.00
Superior Court document filing per page $5.00

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