Office of the Surrogate

Jeffrey W. Moran
County Surrogate

Ashley Fiore
Deputy Surrogate

118 Washington Street,
P. O. Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754-2191

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Telephone icon Phone: (732) 929-2011
Fax icon Fax: (732) 506-5087
Clock icon Hours: M-F 8:00am-4:30pm
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Miscellaneous Charges

Short certificates $5.00
Validation short certificates $3.00
Subpoenas each $25.00
Stamping true copies - subpoenas - each $3.00
Stamping true copies. orders to show cause - each $3.00
Stamping true copies - other papers - each $3.00
Authorization of process $5.00
Swearing each witness $2.00
Adjournment or continuance $15.00
Miscellaneous orders of court, first page $5.00
For each additional page $5.00
Recording, microfilming or photostating all papers not herein provided for, each $5.00
For making copies not otherwise provided for, each $3.00
Filing death certificate $5.00
Power of attorney. per page $5.00
For certified mail $5.00
Search fee, per estate $10.00
Proceedings relative to appointment of a guardian ad litem $25.00
Renunciation by one person $5.00
Renunciation- each additional person $3.00
Caveat - filing or withdrawing $25.00
Refunding bond and release of not more than two pages $10.00
Combined refunding bond for more than two pages- each $5.00
Additional charge for county clerk’s certificate $5.00
Release of not more than two pages of refunding bond and release $10.00
For each additional page $5.00
Additional charge for county clerk’s certificate $5.00
Assignment of legacy or interest, per page $10.00
Additional charge for county clerk’s certificate $5.00
Filing all papers not herein provided for $5.00
Plain copy of two page will $6.00
Each additional page $3.00
Filing of motion in superior court $15.00
Notice of appeal $10.00
Minimum charge for all other papers or services - Superior court $5.00
Service of process by surrogate $25.00
Duplicating or copying of microfiche, digital tape, high density disks....etc., per medium $150.00
Processing fee for returned check - plus bank fee $20.00

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