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Decoy Show Stories

Written for the Ocean County Decoy & Gunning Show Program Book, these stories cover a variety of topics concerning the Barnegat Bay and surrounding environs. Please contact us with any additional information you may have on the topics covered in the articles.

YearTitleAuthorOriginal SourceStory (pdf)
1985Four Months in a Sneak-BoxBishop, Nathaniel H.Excerpt from book Four Months in a Sneak-Boxhttp://bit.ly/1zpp1qq
1986Conterfeit PresentmentsN.J.Agricultural SocietyExcerpt from book The Past of Rural N.J.http://bit.ly/1AbHk0h
1987Scaup Ducks To Recognize a Duck When We See OneKobbe, GustavExcerpt from book Kobbe's Jersey Coast and Pineshttp://bit.ly/1342GTr
1988A Day with SnipeB.B.Excerpt from Forrest and Streamhttp://bit.ly/1345hNl
1988Duck Shooting in Barnegat BayWarren, T. RobinsonExcerpt from book Shooting and Fishing for Young Sportsmenhttp://bit.ly/1344Ylv
1989Snipe Shooting and Fishing in Barnegat BayWarren, T. RobinsonExcerpt from book Shooting and Fishing for Young Sportsmenhttp://bit.ly/1ukAMYP
1990Barnegat Bay Decoy Museum Aims to Preserve Local HistoryRicci, Susanhttp://bit.ly/1vhmpFk
1990Harry Times 3: A Barnegat Bay TraditionScully, Paulahttp://bit.ly/1JTSSw9
1990A Brief History of Atlantic White Cedar in South JerseyVorhees, Danhttp://bit.ly/1vhlTa6
1990Barnegat SneakboxWilliams, Anthonyhttp://bit.ly/1vhn5KO
1991Looking Forward to Preserving the PastLeventon, Billhttp://bit.ly/1vhnTPO
1991Sandy Island Club: Fowl Weather FriendsScandale, Mariahttp://bit.ly/1vhoyRn
1991Barnegat Bay Field Day: 1991 ShowScandale, Mariahttp://bit.ly/1H2Ko3e
1991Hurley Conklin: Remembering One of the Last and the BestScandale, Mariahttp://bit.ly/1vhnuwD
1992Membership 1992http://bit.ly/1tmBXNW
1992Musem Dream Becoming RealityJersey Shore NewsMagazinehttp://bit.ly/1tmCsY7
19921992 Annual ReportJersey Shore NewsMagazinehttp://bit.ly/1tmyG0X
1992Some of What is in StoreJersey Shore NewsMagazinehttp://bit.ly/1tmDXFW
1992WantedJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1tmEwQ1
1992Art for ArtifactsJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1tmAKWS
1992Museum to House a Treasurer of TraditionsJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1tmCZcE
1992Second AuctionJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1tmDDaa
1992The Crab Island Menhaden PlantJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2KUhD
1992Dogged DeterminationJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2LNa0
1992Jay C. Parker: A Carver and a GentlemanJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2Mlwx
1992Tradition: The Next GenerationJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2MEYp
1992A decade of DecoysScandale, Mariahttp://bit.ly/1H2LoEB
1993Parkertown's Adam Price: Boat BuilderJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2Ngx5
1993Boatworks Berths Vintage Style 'CatsJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2NOTN
1993Coperthwaite: to Charter Was his CourseJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2O9Ws
19931993 Annual Report and other museum related itemsJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1H2OHvq
1993Gunning at Marshelder and Middle IslandJersey Shore NewsMagazineshttp://bit.ly/1tmvKS6
1994A Jewel in the Crown of Southern New Jersey and other museum itemsBenedict, Michaelhttp://bit.ly/1H2Pmgw
1994Winners of Last Year's Contest Reveal the Sillful Arts of the BayFasanella, Dianahttp://bit.ly/1tmfjVN
1994A Long Bay Reverie: Bruce WinterbottomGiberson, Garyhttp://bit.ly/1tmfPDk
1994Bill Cranmer BiographyGormley, Johnhttp://bit.ly/1tmcFzu
1994Golden Age of HuntingLloyd, John Baileyhttp://bit.ly/1H2OZTc
1994The Tuckerton WirelessReddington, Lindahttp://bit.ly/1tmeNHx
1994Port Republic Baymen Carries on the Traditions of his FamilyScala, Gina G.http://bit.ly/1H2Qxwu
1994Wooden Boats donated to the MuseumSudol, Karenhttp://bit.ly/1H2PHjh
1994Making a Living in the Oystering BusinessTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1H2PUmv
1994Saving Lives Along Our CoastTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1tme5d7
1995Salt Haying IndustryLloyd, John Baileyhttp://bit.ly/13Kg7HP
1995Watson "Wasts" Penn: A Great Fisherman with Great Stories to TellMangum, Michael and Oakley, Cliffhttp://bit.ly/1tmrlhX
1995Tucketon OdysseyNash, Charles EdgarReprinted from Tuckerton Beaconhttp://bit.ly/1tmqM7G
1995The Devil, You SayReddington, Lindahttp://bit.ly/1tmi5uk
1995Gathering EelgrassReddington, Lindahttp://bit.ly/1tmjjpj
1995The Cutting EdgeReddington, Lindahttp://bit.ly/1tmh2KO
1995Governor Pledges SupportScala, Gina G.http://bit.ly/1tmkAg7
1995The Cynthia Returns to Barnegat BayThe Times Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1tmhyIH
19951995 Fishing TournamentTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1tmiJb8
1995Bird of the Year 1995 - American WidgeonTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1AeuMYy
1995Harry Shourds DisplayTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/13KdV3d
1995By Gone Days of Life in PakertownTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/13Kf9eL
1995Billboard and visit museumTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/13KenOI
1995A Delicate BalanceTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1tmgwfN
1995A Nostalgic View of Tuckerton CreekTimes Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1tmqbD7
1995Museum Dreams 1995Times Beacon Newspapershttp://bit.ly/1teDdwO
1995Oystering Investigation: Early YearsWaller & WoodwardExcerpts from Agricultural Station 1880 - 1930http://bit.ly/13KeBWj
1996The Tuckerton Seaport: A Maritime Cultural Experiencehttp://bit.ly/1wgF2wI
1996Barnegat Bay Decoy & Baymen's Museum: Our HistoryGormley, Johnhttp://bit.ly/1yPNUeN
1996Heinrichs' Boat WorksHeinrichs, Recollections of Bobhttp://bit.ly/1yPPYU6
1996The Pine Barrens Jamboree Down Home Melodies and MemoriesHoey, Lillianhttp://bit.ly/1yPR3Ly
1996Captain Edward Nathaniel "Socks" Heinrichs 1870-1958Hollway, Majorie Heinrichshttp://bit.ly/1yPP7CR
1996Captain Samuel Forman Perrine Jr.Lloyd, John Baileyhttp://bit.ly/1yPPqxr
1996The Story of Old Wells MillMangum, Michael T.http://bit.ly/1wgEBT6
1996Barnegat Bay National Estuary & Tuckerton SeaportRaabe, Christine and O'Leary, Terryhttp://bit.ly/1yPOnOc
1996The Wrecked Lady: A Thrilling Narrative, Shipwreck and SufferingReddington, Lindahttp://bit.ly/1wgFoDj
19961996 Decoys - Decoys - DecoysWilliams, Brucehttp://bit.ly/1Aev81j
1997Fesnel lenshttp://bit.ly/1x2fAxC
1997The King Gander of Dog Sea ShoalFord, Sewellhttp://bit.ly/1x2gSZE
1997Barnegat Bay Decoy & Baymen's Museum: Our StoryGormley, Johnhttp://bit.ly/1x2eAJX
1997Barnegat Bay is All SportKobbe, GustavExcerpt from book the Jersey Coast and Pineshttp://bit.ly/1x2ffeA
1997Tuckerton Seaport Feature Building: Corinthian Yacht & Gun ClubLloyd, John Baileyhttp://bit.ly/1x2kD17
1997Tuckerton Seaport EvolutionO'Leary, Terryhttp://bit.ly/1x2hcaL
1997The Jersey ShoremanWard, James P.http://bit.ly/1x2fZAp
1997The Jersey PiratesWard, James P.http://bit.ly/1x2gtGv
19971997 Decoys - Decoys - DecoysWilliams, Brucehttp://bit.ly/1Aevghr
1998Bird of the Year - 1998 - Wood Duckhttp://bit.ly/1AeAlq7
1998Tucker's Island Lighthousehttp://bit.ly/1x2pvDA
1998The Sword Family Eelgrass IndustryAnderson, Andrew J.http://bit.ly/1x2pjUW
1998Eno's Riverside Hotel and Eno's PondLandrum, Mahalahttp://bit.ly/1x2oZ8B
1998Duck Shooting at Forty ArceWatson, Harold J.http://bit.ly/1x2oEmj
19981998 Decoys - Decoys - DecoysWilliams, Brucehttp://bit.ly/1Aevq8p
1999Bird of the Year - 1999 - Buffleheadhttp://bit.ly/1AeADxc
1999Jersey Shore Regional Folklife Centerhttp://bit.ly/1zQh8sl
1999Oysters and Clams in Ocean Countyhttp://bit.ly/1zQhlM5
1999The Wreck of the BetseyStory research- David DeVerter, Bass River Twp. Library History Committeehttp://bit.ly/1zQicfH
1999The BridgeAdams, Burrel H.http://bit.ly/1zQhEqj
1999Whaling Off Island BeachAnderson, Andrew J. & D. Gail Andersonhttp://bit.ly/1DbZzbY
1999A Manahawkin Legend Uncle RubeSpodofora, John F.http://bit.ly/1zQgScM
1999A Man Called JoeSteele, Almira Cramerhttp://bit.ly/1zQgiM5
19991999 Decoys - Decoys - DecoysWilliams, Brucehttp://bit.ly/1AevFjZ
2000Bird of the Year - 2000 - Northern Shovelerhttp://bit.ly/1AeAR7w
2000We Will Not Forget - 2000http://bit.ly/1AewdWV
2000Baymen of the Barnegat The Unforgettable Charlie RidgewayLauner, Donald M.http://bit.ly/1yzfez7
2000The Jersey CoastRoosevelt, Robert R.Excerpt from book The Game Birds of the Coast and Lake of the Northern States of Americahttp://bit.ly/1AFOgDf
2000Spirit of the BaySutton, EarlSpeech given by Earl Suttonhttp://bit.ly/1yzgbr5
2000Duck Shooting in the Barnegat BayWarren, T Robinsonhttp://bit.ly/1yzfT3H
20002000 Decoys Decoys DecoysWilliams. Brucehttp://bit.ly/1AevQfc
2001We will not forget 2001http://bit.ly/1AewqJZ
2001Bird of the Year 2001 Ruddy Duckhttp://bit.ly/1AeB1eX
2001Reuben Tucker's Disappearing InvestmentGormley, John; Robinson, Malcolm; Sencindiver, JoanneAdditional authors: Carrollanne Shepard, Shirley J. Wealtonhttp://bit.ly/1AFQUsJ
2001The george Robert Goertz StoryHoey-Gomez, Lillianhttp://bit.ly/1yzovqR
2001Harry's Last StormKlump, Chrishttp://bit.ly/1yzlV48
2001The Wrong way to Roast a PigMcLain, Petehttp://bit.ly/1yzoWS8
2001Shorebird Shooting on Sheepshead FlatsTread Easyhttp://bit.ly/1yzocwq
20012001 Decoys - Decoys - DecoysWilliams, Brucehttp://bit.ly/1Aew1qN
2002Bird of the Year 2002 Blue Winged Tealhttp://bit.ly/1AeB5LG
2002We will not Forget 2002http://bit.ly/1Aeyodl
2002The Great Mosquito Bite-OffMcLain, Petehttp://bit.ly/1C0hSMZ
2002Andy Brown:Guide and Market GunnerMorton, Richardhttp://bit.ly/1C0ikuI
2002John M. WartonMorton, Richardhttp://bit.ly/1C0i8LK
2003Bird of the Year 2003 Hooded Merganserhttp://bit.ly/1AeBiyt
2003Charles Hankins, Noted Boat BuilderBennett, Donhttp://bit.ly/1wGgb6V
2003Along the Mullica RiverCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1wGgeQd
2003Boatbuilding in Barnegat, New JerseyCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1wGgdeX
2003Vincent Giannetto III from Jersey Waters to the White HouseGiannetto, David F.http://bit.ly/13z7jFe
2003Just FolksGuest, Edgar A.http://bit.ly/1wGf9aV
2003This is No BullMcLain, Petehttp://bit.ly/13z79hj
2003The Jersey CoastRoosevelt, Robert B.Condensed from The Game Birds of the Coasts and Water of the Northern States of Americahttp://bit.ly/1sGqgkB
2004Bird of the Year 2004 Mallardhttp://bit.ly/1AeBpu4
2004Oystering in New JerseyCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1C0fuWm
2004From Sail to MotorCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1AqdPs4
2004Old and New- New Jery's Atlantic City Inlet AreaCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1AqbpJY
2004Ocean County as an Ideal Gunning and Fishing CenterGun, Russ T.Reprint Ocean County Magazine 1936http://bit.ly/1Aqe7PC
2004Atlantic White CedarO'Leary, Terryhttp://bit.ly/1Aqeiuj
2004Long Billed Curlew Pays a Visit to Robert J. Miller AirparkTread Easyhttp://bit.ly/1yzuHiA
2005The BaymenReprint from The Beacon January 7, 1971http://bit.ly/1Aq8sJF
2005Bird of the Year 2005 Scauphttp://bit.ly/1AeBzS0
2005Houseboats Along the Jersey CoastCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq9cyh
2005Life Along the CrikCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq901W
2005Rail Birding in South JerseyDrummond, Shellyhttp://bit.ly/1Aq8GR1
2006Bird of the Year 2006 Green-Winged Tealhttp://bit.ly/1AeBL3G
2006Clams, Cans and Campbell'sRizzo, Mary & Stewart, Jaclynhttp://bit.ly/12QM0xG
2006Decoy Carvers Pass on Their NJ StyleStewart, Jaclynhttp://bit.ly/1Aq7vki
2006The Sedgehopper Goose ShootTread Easyhttp://bit.ly/1Aq7eOx
2007A Passion for the Barnegat Bay Waterfowling Heritagehttp://bit.ly/1vHjZQb
200725 Years of Historyhttp://bit.ly/1BYBPUj
2007Bird of the Year 2007 Red Breasted Merganserhttp://bit.ly/1A65fiV
2007Sneakboxes Can They Really MultiplyCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq6x7V
2007On TargetD'Agostino, Buckyhttp://bit.ly/1Aq6Ijj
2008Bird of the Year 2008 Northern Pintailhttp://bit.ly/1AeC92d
2008We will not Forget 2008http://bit.ly/1Aeyxxn
2008Salt Hay and Eel Grass Time in New JerseyCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq4JeX
2008The Old Fish FactoryCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq4e4K
200814' Sneakbox BullfrogHeilman, Wesley M. IIIhttp://bit.ly/1Aq68C8
2009Bird of the Year 2009 Long-Tailed Duckhttp://bit.ly/1AeCh1L
2009One of Those DaysMcLain, Petehttp://bit.ly/1Aq3Ov8
2010Bird of the Year 2010 American Black Duckhttp://bit.ly/1AeCn9L
2010We will not Forget 2010http://bit.ly/1AeyL7y
2010Little Beach IslandCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq3lJt
2010The Real Jersey DevilLesser, Fredhttp://bit.ly/1Aq2YOZ
2011Bird of the Year 2011 Common Goldeneyehttp://bit.ly/1AeCAtp
2011The Old Coast Guard Station The New Rutgers Universitry Marine Field StationAble, Kenneth W.http://bit.ly/1Aq298G
2011The Mystery SneakboxCoyle, Gretchen F.http://bit.ly/1Aq2BUH
2012Bird of the Year 2012 American Wigeonhttp://bit.ly/1A65uKW
2012Youth Carvers Club at the Tuckerton Seaporthttp://bit.ly/1AiBQDz
2012The Research Barge Cynthia and Early Studies Near TuckertonAble, Kennethhttp://bit.ly/1AiAQ2p
2012Four Months in A Sneak-BoxBishop, Nathaniel H.Reprinted from 1985 show programhttp://bit.ly/1AiB5uk
2012What is a YelperMangum, MikeReprinted from 1990http://bit.ly/1AiBigV
2012Counterfeit PresentmentsNJ Agricultural SocietyReprint 1986 Programhttp://bit.ly/1AiBsVQ
2012Scaup DucksThe Guide to nature 1914Reprint from 1987 Programhttp://bit.ly/1AiBEEr
2013Bird of the Year 2013 Canvasbackhttp://bit.ly/1A65Q4q
2013What's that Stone? Or A Stone by Any Other Name....http://bit.ly/1wLSDfC
2013Charcoal was an Early Product of the Pine BarrensWilson, J.G.Reprint from Basto Citizen Gazzette 1987http://bit.ly/1wLSdpJ
2014Bird of the Year 2014 Wood Duckhttp://bit.ly/1AeCMZR
2014Hotel Bivalve & the Early Days of Rutgers Universe Research Near TuckertonAble, Kenneth W.http://bit.ly/1xrqo8L
2014Memories of an Environmental HeroPaul D. "Pete" MclainAuermiller, Lisa & Korotky, Pathttp://bit.ly/1xrqtcx
2014In Memory of Wanda Parsons "Parsons Seafood"Ford, VictoriaExcerpt from Decoy & Gunning Show programhttp://bit.ly/1xrqrBH
2015Bird of the Year 2015 Ring-necked Duckhttp://bit.ly/1JJCdI8
2015Tuckerton Seaport's Youth Carving Clubhttp://bit.ly/1NKwUPq
2015The MullicaRiver Great Bay is a Unique Estuaryhttp://bit.ly/1NKxzjV
2016Carl Adams and the Modern Boat Worksreprinted with permission from NJ Dept. of Trans. Cultural Digest, April 2008http://bit.ly/2aKeY8r
2016Bird of the Year The Atlantic Brant: Branta berniclahttp://bit.ly/2eh0z6h
2016Menhaden in the Mullica ValleyKenneth W. AbleRutgers University Marine Field Stationhttp://bit.ly/2dD0hsi
2016Carl Adams and the Modern Boat WorksThe NJ Department of Transportation Cultural Resource Digest, april 2008Excerpts reprintedhttp://bit.ly/2dCVEP2
2017Decoy Show Pinhttp://bit.ly/2xLhVUr
2017Tuckerton Seaport's Youth Carving Clubhttp://bit.ly/2xKM3iS
2017The View from the Great Bay Boulevard: A Path from the Past to the FutureAble, Kenneth W.Rutgers University Marine Field Stationhttp://bit.ly/2xOydfn
20171879 Four Months in a Sneak- BoxBishop, Nathaniel H.http://bit.ly/2fueYwL
2017Hurley Conklin Award WinnersFord, Victoriahttp://bit.ly/2fyxm7G
2017Bird of the Year 2017Gadwell : Anas streperahttp://bit.ly/2fvx6q0
2017Show print: Gadwell TrioPainted by Leslie, Robhttp://bit.ly/2ftAQIz
2018Decoy Show Pinhttp://bit.ly/2ImYC6u
2018River Herring: South Jersey's SalmonKenneth W. AbleRutgers University Marine Field Stationhttp://bit.ly/2Qd3q0T
2018Bird of the Year 2018Redhead Duck: Aythya americanahttp://bit.ly/2Qh1c0x
2018Show print: Redheads Over the InletRob Lesliehttp://bit.ly/2NRnBoB
2019Decoy Show Pinhttp://bit.ly/2mmfrrc
2019Show Printhttp://bit.ly/2lbsfRb
2019History of Some Salt Meadow Alterations in the Mullica Valley: Insights into the Future?Kenneth W. AbleRutgers University Marine Field Schoolhttp://bit.ly/2lUHDli
2019Bird of the YearThe Northern Shoveler: Spatula clypeatahttp://bit.ly/2m4kjS1
2019Hurley Conklin Award WinnersVictoria Ford, Joe Rizzo & German Georgieffhttp://bit.ly/2nCXXrh
2020Decoy & Gunning Show Pinshttps://bit.ly/32MExSW
2020Hurley Conklin Awardshttps://bit.ly/2EjD8JZ
20202020 Old Time Decoy & Gunning Show Will Carry On - In Cyberspacehttps://bit.ly/2FRfhlA
2020History of Decoy & Gunning Showhttps://bit.ly/3kHx4e5
2020Old Time Decoy & Gunning Show Covers through the Yearshttps://bit.ly/33LunRL