Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission
Cultural adn Heritage Commission is a division of The Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation

Ocean County Mayors

TownNameYear BeginYear EndInformation (pdf)
Barnegat TownshipCirulli, Alfonso20122012
Barnegat Light BoroughOlsen, Otto19631963
Barnegat Light BoroughOlsen, Otto19641964
Barnegat Light BoroughOlsen , Otto19651965
Barnegat Light BoroughOlsen, Otto19661966
Barnegat Light BoroughOlsen, Otto19671967
Barnegat Light BoroughCampbell, Charles A.19681968
Barnegat Light BoroughCampbell, Charles A.19691969
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19701970
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19711971
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19721972
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19731973
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19741974
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19751975
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Lloyd W.19761976
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Llyod W.19771977
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Llyod W.19781978
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Llyod W.19791979
Barnegat Light BoroughBehmke, Llyod W.19801980
Barnegat Light BoroughBrehmke, Llyod W.19811981
Barnegat Light BoroughBrehmke, Llyod W.19821982
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19831983
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19841984
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19851985
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19861986
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19871987
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19881988
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19891989
Barnegat Light BoroughGhigliotty, Jr., Henry J.19901990
Barnegat Light BoroughWasilewski, Marilyn K.19911991
Barnegat Light BoroughWasilewski, Marilyn K.19921992
Barnegat Light BoroughWasilewski, Marilyn K.19931993
Barnegat Light BoroughWasilewski, Marilyn K.19941994
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.19951995
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.19961996
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.19971997
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.19981998
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.19991999
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20002000
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20012001
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20022002
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20032003
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20042004
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20052005
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20062006
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20062006
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20072007
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20082008
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20092009
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20102010
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20112011
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20122012
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20132013
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20142014
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20152015
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20162016
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20172017
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20182018
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.20192019
Barnegat Light BoroughLarson, Kirk O.2020
Barnegat Light BoroughCurtis, william W.2020
Barnegat TownshipBarnhart, Thomas J.19771977
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19781978
Barnegat TownshipJentis, Steven19791979
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19801980
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19811981
Barnegat TownshipHaines, M. Dean19821982
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19831983
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19841984
Barnegat TownshipSteffy, Douglas A.19851985
Barnegat TownshipChamberlain, William J.19861986
Barnegat TownshipDiGangi, Victor19871987
Barnegat TownshipHaines, M. Dean19881988
Barnegat TownshipVerbeke, Eileen M19891989
Barnegat TownshipNeyenhouse, William C.19901990
Barnegat TownshipNeyenhouse, William C.19911991
Barnegat TownshipGilmour, William19921992
Barnegat TownshipKlix, Kendal C.19931993
Barnegat TownshipMiller, Douglas19941994
Barnegat TownshipKlix, Kendal C.19951995
Barnegat TownshipKlix, Kendal C.19961996
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.19971997
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.19981998
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.19991999
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.20002000
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.20012001
Barnegat TownshipCoulter, Dolores J.20022002
Barnegat TownshipVill, Joseph E.20032003
Barnegat TownshipNovrit, Virginia R.20042004
Barnegat TownshipHartman, Jr., Thomas E.20052005
Barnegat TownshipHartman, Jr., Thomas E.20052005
Barnegat TownshipHartman, Jr., Thomas E.20062006
Barnegat TownshipCirulli, Alfonso20072007
Barnegat TownshipMelchiondo, Jeffrey20082008
Barnegat TownshipMelchiondo, Jeffery20092009
Barnegat TownshipMelchiondo, Jeffery20102010
Barnegat TownshipMelchiondo, Jeffery20112011
Barnegat TownshipMorano, Leonard20132013
Barnegat TownshipMorano, Leonard20142014
Barnegat TownshipMcCabe, Susan20152015
Barnegat TownshipNovak, John J.20162016
Barnegat TownshipBille, Albert20172017
Barnegat TownshipBillie, Albert20182018
Barnegat TownshipCirulli, Alfonso20192019
Barnegat TownshipNovak, John J.2020
Bay Head BoroughChesterman, Fred M.19631963
Bay Head BoroughChesterman, Fred M.19641964
Bay Head BoroughChesterman, Fred M.19651965
Bay Head BoroughChesterman, Fred M.19661966
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19671967
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19681968
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19691969
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19701970
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19711971
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19721972
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19731973
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19741974
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19751975
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19761976
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19771977
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19781978
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19791979
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19801980
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19811981
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19821982
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19831983
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19841984
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19851985
Bay Head BoroughRobertson William M.19861986
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19871987
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19881988
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19891989
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19901990
Bay Head BoroughRobertson, William M.19911991
Bay Head BoroughJohnson, Edward F.19921992
Bay Head BoroughJohnson, Edward F.19931993
Bay Head BoroughJohnson, Edward F.19941994
Bay Head BoroughJohnson, Edward F.19951995
Bay Head BoroughHurley, Michael H.19961996
Bay Head BoroughHurley, Michael H.19971997
Bay Head BoroughHurley, Michael H.19981998
Bay Head BoroughHurley, Michael H.19991999
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20002000
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20012001
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20022002
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20032003
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20042004
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20052005
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20062006
Bay Head BoroughPetracco, Arthur P.20072007
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20082008
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20092009
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20102010
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20112011
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20122012
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20132013
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20142014
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20152015
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20162016
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20172017
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20182018
Bay Head BoroughCurtis, William W.20192019
Beach Haven BoroughCramer, Charles M.19631963
Beach Haven BoroughRommel, Donald R.19651965
Beach Haven BoroughRommel, Donald R.19661966
Beach Haven BoroughRommel,Donald R.19671967
Beach Haven BoroughRommel, Donald R.19681968
Beach Haven BoroughRommel, Donald R.19691969
Beach Haven BoroughRommel, Donald R.19701970
Beach Haven BoroughLittle, Frank J.19711971
Beach Haven BoroughLittle, Frank J.19721972
Beach Haven BoroughLittle, Frank J.19731973
Beach Haven BoroughLittle, Frank J.19741974
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19751975
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19761976
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19771977
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19781978
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19791979
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19801980
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19811981
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19821982
Beach Haven BoroughPharo, Watson F.19831983
Beach Haven BoroughPharo, Watson F.19841984
Beach Haven BoroughPharo, Watson F.19851985
Beach Haven BoroughPharo, Watson F.19861986
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19871987
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19881988
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19891989
Beach Haven BoroughButerick, Peter19901990
Beach Haven BoroughDonndero, William A.19911991
Beach Haven BoroughDondero, William A.19921992
Beach Haven BoroughDondero, William A.19931993
Beach Haven BoroughDondero, William A.19941994
Beach Haven BoroughSencindiver, P. Victor19951995
Beach Haven BoroughKasunich, George A.19961996
Beach Haven BoroughBahner, Robert F.19971997
Beach Haven BoroughBahner, Robert F.19981998
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.19991999
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20002000
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20012001
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20022002
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20032003
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20042004
Beach Haven BoroughWhircraft, Deborah C.20052005
Beach Haven BoroughWhitcraft, Deborah C.20062006
Beach Haven BoroughStewart, Thomas J.20072007
Beach Haven BoroughStewart, Thomas J.20082008
Beach Haven BoroughBattista, Michael J.20092009
Beach Haven BoroughBattista, michael J.20102010
Beach Haven BoroughMarschal, Jr., Charles E.20112011
Beach Haven BoroughMarschal, Jr., Charles E.20122012
Beach Haven BoroughKeller, Robert20132013
Beach Haven BoroughKeller, Robert20142014
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nancy20152015
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nacy20162016
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nacy20172017
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nacy20182018
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nancy20192019
Beach Haven BoroughTaggert-Davis, Nancy2020
Beach Haven BouroughRommel, Donald R.19641964
Beachwood BoroughJacobus, M. Gilbert19631963
Beachwood BoroughJacobus, M. Gilbert19641964
Beachwood BoroughJacobus, M. Gilbert19651965
Beachwood BoroughJacobus, M. Gilbert19661966
Beachwood BoroughDavis, William R.19671967
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19681968
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19691969
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19701970
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William t.19711971
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19721972
Beachwood BoroughLeach, Jr., Parker N.19731973
Beachwood BoroughArmstrong, Francis H.19741974
Beachwood BoroughArmstrong, Francis H.19751975
Beachwood BoroughDeForest, Christina19761976
Beachwood BoroughDeForest, Christina19771977
Beachwood BoroughDeForest, Christina19781978
Beachwood BoroughDeForest, Christina19791979
Beachwood BoroughPoth, George19801980
Beachwood BoroughPoth, George19811981
Beachwood BoroughPoth, George19821982
Beachwood BoroughPoth, George19831983
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19841984
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19851985
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19861986
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19871987
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19881988
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19891989
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19901990
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19911991
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19921992
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19931993
Beachwood Boroughhornidge, William T.19941994
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19951995
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19961996
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19971997
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19981998
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.19991999
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.20002000
Beachwood BoroughHornidge, William T.20012001
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20022002
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20032003
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20042004
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20052005
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20062006
Beachwood BoroughMorris, Harold R.20072007
Beachwood BoroughJones, Jr., Ronald W.20082008
Beachwood BoroughJones, Jr., Ronald W.20092009
Beachwood BoroughJones, Jr., Ronald W.20102010
Beachwood BoroughJones, Jr., Ronals W.20112011
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20122012
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20132013
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20142014
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20152015
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20162016
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20172017
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., RonaldF.20182018
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald F.20192019
Beachwood BoroughRoma, Jr., Ronald R.2020
Berkeley TownshipMathis, Harold19631963
Berkeley TownshipSmith, Charles E.19631964
Berkeley TownshipSmith, Charles E.19651965
Berkeley TownshipMathis, Harold19661966
Berkeley TownshipDudley, William J.19671967
Berkeley TownshipDudley, William J.19681968
Berkeley TownshipDudley, William J.19691969
Berkeley TownshipDudley, William J.19701970
Berkeley TownshipJames A. Wright19711971
Berkeley TownshipYurcisin, Andrew19721972
Berkeley TownshipLaird, Robert J.19731973
Berkeley TownshipTolbert, Edward T.19741974
Berkeley TownshipSimone, Joseph19751975
Berkeley TownshipYurcisin, Andrew19761976
Berkeley TownshipCasperson, Gary19771977
Berkeley TownshipZuckerman, Allan M.19781978
Berkeley TownshipMorey, James W.19791979
Berkeley TownshipMorey, James W.19801980
Berkeley TownshipKozlowski, Theodore P.19811981
Berkeley TownshipMorey, Harry D.19821982
Berkeley TownshipGrogan, Betty19831983
Berkeley TownshipPalkoski, Zenon N.19841984
Berkeley TownshipPalkoski, Zenon N.19851985
Berkeley TownshipPalkoski, Zenon N.19861986
Berkeley TownshipPalkoski, Zenon N.19871987
Berkeley TownshipLeake, Kenneth J.19881988
Berkeley TownshipLeake, Kenneth J.19891989
Berkeley TownshipLeake, Kenneth J.19901990
Berkeley TownshipLeake, Kenneth J.19911991
Berkeley TownshipZimmerman, Jr., William T.19921992
Berkeley TownshipZimmerman, Jr., William T.19931993
Berkeley TownshipZimmerman, Jr., William T.19941994
Berkeley TownshipZimmerman, Jr., William T.19951995
Berkeley TownshipZimmermann, Jr., William T.19961996
Berkeley TownshipZimmermann, Jr., William T.19971997
Berkeley TownshipZimmerman, Jr., William T.19981998
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.19991999
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20012001
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20022002
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20032003
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20042004
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20052005
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20062006
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20072007
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20082008
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20092009
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20102010
Berkeley TownshipVarano, Jason J.20112011
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20122012
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Carmen F.20132013
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20142014
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20152015
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20162016
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20172017
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20182018
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.20192019
Berkeley TownshipAmato, Jr., Carmen F.2020
Berkley TownshipVarano, Jason20002000
Brick TownshipAnton, Martin B.19631963
Brick TownshipCarter, Charles F.19641964
Brick TownshipNeri, Frank D.19651965
Brick TownshipNeri, Frank D.19661966
Brick TownshipByrne, Joseph D.19671967
Brick TownshipMcGuckin, John F.19681968
Brick TownshipMcGuckin, John F.19691969
Brick TownshipMcGuckin, John F.19701970
Brick TownshipMcGukin, John F.19711971
Brick TownshipWolf, Warren H.19721972
Brick townshipWolf, Warren H.19731973
Brick TownshipWolf, Warren H.19741974
Brick TownshipWolf, Warren H.19751975
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19761976
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19771977
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19781978
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19791979
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19801980
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19811981
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19821982
Brick TownshipKinnevy, John P.19831983
Brick TownshipNewman, Daniel F.19841984
Brick TownshipNewman, Daniel F.19851985
Brick TownshipNewman, Daniel F.19861986
Brick TownshipNewman, daniel F.19871987
Brick TownshipNewman, Daniel F.19881988
Brick TownshipNewman, Daniel F.19891989
Brick TownshipZboyan, Steven J.19901990
Brick TownshipZboyan, Steven J.19911991
Brick TownshipZboyan, Steven J.19921992
Brick TownshipPatetta, Carolyn L.19931993
Brick TownshipPatetta, Carolyn L.19941994
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.19951995
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.19961996
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.19971997
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.19981998
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.19991999
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20002000
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20012001
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20022002
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20032003
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20042004
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20052005
Brick TownshipScarpelli, Joseph C.20062006
Brick TownshipKelly, Daniel J.20072007
Brick TownshipAcroopolis, Stephen C.20082008
Brick TownshipAcropolis, Stephen C.20092009
Brick TownshipAcropolis, Stephen C.20102010
Brick TownshipAcropolis, Stephen C.20112011
Brick TownshipAcropolis, Stephen C.20122012
Brick TownshipAcropolis, Stephen C.20132013
Brick TownshipAcropplis, Stephen C.20142014
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.20152015
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.20162016
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.20172017
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.20182018
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.20192019
Brick TownshipDucey, John G.2020
Dover TownshipWoods, John G.19631963
Dover TownshipWoods, John G.19641964
Dover TownshipWoods, Jihn G.19651965
Dover TownshipWoods, John G.19661966
Dover TownshipWoods, John G.19671967
Dover TownshipBuhr, Ernest A.19681968
Dover TownshipBuhr, Ernest A.19691969
Dover TownshipMount, John J.19701970
Dover TownshipBuhr, Ernest A.19711971
Dover TownshipBrune, Robert W.19721972
Dover TownshipBrochon, Frederick V.19731973
Dover TownshipZaun, Ethel A.19741974
Dover TownshipHaak, Alex19751975
Dover TownshipBrune, Robert W.19761976
Dover TownshipJohnson, Jack19771977
Dover TownshipMcGreevy, Willian P.19791979
Dover TownshipGreenhall, John D.19801980
Dover TownshipRenkin, W. Thomas19811981
Dover TownshipVicarui, Joseph H.19821982
Dover TownshipDeCarlo, Albert19831983
Dover TownshipToscan, Robert D.19841984
Dover TownshipLightbody, Roden S.19851985
Dover TownshipRenkin, W. Thomas19861986
Dover TownshipVicari, Joseph H.19871987
Dover TownshipLightbody, Roden S.19881988
Dover TownshipVicari, Joseph H.19891989
Dover TownshipRenkin, W. Thomas19901990
Dover TownshipVicari, Joseph H.19911991
Dover TownshipWnek, Paul D.19921992
Dover TownshipMutter, J. Mark19931993
Dover TownshipVicari, Joseph H.19941994
Dover TownshipAldrich III, Clarence E.19951995
Dover TownshipAldrich III, Clarence E.19961996
Dover TownshipWhittmann, Jr., George E.19971997
Dover TownshipFox, Raymond P.19981998
Dover TownshipFox, Raymond P.19991999
Dover TownshipMutter, J. Mark20002000
Dover TownshipFox, Raymond P.20012001
Dover TownshipAldrich III, Clarence E.20022002
Dover TownshipRusso, Jr., John F.20032003
Dover TownshipBrush, Paul C.20042004
Dover TownshipBrush, Paul C.20052005
Dover TownshipBrush, Paul C.20062006
Dover TwownshipStrada, Richard P.19781978
Eagleswood Township
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19631963
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19641964
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19651965
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19661966
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19671967
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19681968
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19691969
Eagleswood TownshipCox, Leland O.19701970
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenenth L.19711971
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19721972
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19731973
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19741974
Eagleswood TownshipBarber, Kenneth L.19751975
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19761976
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19771977
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19781978
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19791979
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19801980
Eagleswood TownshipHendrickson, Jr., John T.19811981
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19821982
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19831983
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19841984
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19851985
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19861986
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19871987
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19881988
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19891989
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19901990
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19911991
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19921992
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, Jihn P.19931993
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.19941994
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19951995
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19961996
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19971997
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19981998
Eagleswood TownshipHolman, Kenneth G.19991999
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.20002000
Eagleswood TownshipKelly, John P.20012001
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20022002
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20032003
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20042004
Eagleswood TownshipThomas, Wayne20052005
Eagleswood TownshipThomas, Wayne20062006
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20072007
Eagleswood TownshipThomas, Wayne20082008
Eagleswood TownshipRivas, Debra A.20092009
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20102010
Eagleswood TownshipThomas, Wayne20112011
Eagleswood TownshipRivas, Debra A.20122012
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20132013
Eagleswood TownshipPine, James R.20142014
Eagleswood TownshipRivas, Debra A.20152015
Eagleswood TownshipPasternak, Michael J.20162016
Eagleswood TownshipPasternak, Michael J.20172017
Eagleswood TownshipPasternak, Michael J.20182018
Eagleswood TownshipPasternak, Michael J.20192019
Eagleswood TownshipSommaripa, Nick2020
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19631963
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynolds19641964
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19651965
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19661966
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19671967
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19681968
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19691969
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19701970
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19711971
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19721972
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19731973
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19741974
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19751975
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19761976
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19771977
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19781978
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19791979
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19801980
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19811981
Harvey Cedars BoroughThomas, Reynold19821982
Harvey Cedars BoroughHunter, C. Edward19831983
Harvey Cedars BoroughHaight, John D.19841984
Harvey Cedars BoroughHaight, John D.19851985
Harvey Cedars BoroughHaight, John D.19861986
Harvey Cedars BoroughHaight, John D.19871987
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19881988
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19891989
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19901990
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19911991
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19921992
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19931993
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19941994
Harvey Cedars BoroughMarti, Harry T.19951995
Harvey Cedars BoroughGerkins, Judith E.19971997
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.19981998
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.19991999
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20002000
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20012001
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20022002
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20032003
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20042004
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20052005
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20062006
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20072007
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20082008
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20092009
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20102010
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20112011
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20122012
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20132013
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20142014
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20152015
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20162016
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20172017
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20182018
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.20192019
Harvey Cedars BoroughOldham, Jonathan S.2020
Harvey Cedars TownshipGerkins, Judith E.19961996
Isalnd Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20042004
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.1961996
Island Heights BoroughHinkle, Sr., Charles G.19631963
Island Heights BoroughHinkle, Sr., Charles G.19641964
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19651965
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19661966
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19671967
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19681968
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19691969
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19701970
Island Heights BoroughCoury, Maudy19711971
Island Heights BoroughHartnett, Bernard J.19721972
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19731973
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.19741974
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.19751975
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.19761976
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.19771977
Island Heights BoroughSaladino, Joseph A.19781978
Island Heights BoroughSaladino, Joseph A.19791979
Island Heights BoroughSaladino, Joseph A.19801980
Island Heights BoroughKushner, Howard W.19811981
Island Heights BoroughBloom, Jr., Joseph J.19821982
Island Heights BoroughBloom, Jr., Joseph J.19831983
Island Heights BoroughBloom, Jr., Joseph J.19841984
Island Heights BoroughBloom, Jr., Joseph J.19851985
Island Heights BoroughJohnson, Douglas G.19861986
Island Heights BoroughJohnson, Douglas G.19871987
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19881988
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19891989
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19901990
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19911991
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19921992
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19931993
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, david M.19941994
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19951995
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, Davis M.19971997
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19981998
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.19991999
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20002000
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20012001
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20022002
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20032003
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20052005
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20062006
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, david M.20072007
Island Heights BoroughSiddons, David M.20082008
Island Heights BoroughHershey, Karen L.20092009
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.20102010
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.20112011
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.20122012
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.20132013
Island Heights BoroughBiggs, James H.20142014
Island Heights BoroughSilver, Jeffrey B.20152015
Island Heights BoroughSilver, Jeffery B.20162016
Island Heights BoroughSilver, Jeffery B.20172017
Island Heights BoroughSilver, Jeffery B.20182018
Island Heights BoroughDoyle, Steven20192019
Island Heights BoroughDoyle, E. Steven2020
Jackson TownshipLong, Frank19631963
Jackson TownshipBlanton, Arthur19641964
Jackson TownshipSprinkle, Clarence19651965
Jackson TownshipHolman, Frank19661966
Jackson TownshipTanenbaum, Ira19671967
Jackson TownshipYaiser, Jr., Charles J.19681968
Jackson TownshipHyres, James W.19691969
Jackson TownshipRytelewski, Michael19701970
Jackson TownshipFinelli, Ralph19711971
Jackson TownshipFinelli, Ralph19721972
Jackson TownshipHowe, Paul A.19731973
Jackson TownshipShea, Jr., Raymond F.19741974
Jackson TownshipShea, Jr., Raymond F.19751975
Jackson TownshipPhillips, Veron F.19761976
Jackson TownshipSavage, Francis J.19771977
Jackson TownshipBates, G. Donald19781978
Jackson TownshipPolito, Arleen19791979
Jackson TownshipRehak, Walter F.19801980
Jackson TownshipMcKenna, James J.19811981
Jackson TownshipJakubczak, Martin J.19821982
Jackson TownshipBorys, Richard19831983
Jackson TownshipCarlson, Peter H.19841984
Jackson TownshipCarlson, Peter H.19851985
Jackson TownshipCottrell. A. Bruce19861986
Jackson TownshipBlack, Daniel19871987
Jackson TownshipCottrell, Melvin19881988
Jackson TownshipCottrell, Melvin19891989
Jackson TownshipConway, Arthur F.19901990
Jackson TownshipYalden, Geoffrey B.19911991
Jackson TownshipBressi, Kenneth19921992
Jackson TownshipCarlson, Peter H.19931993
Jackson TownshipBressi, Kenneth J.19941994
Jackson TownshipCarlson, Peter H.19951995
Jackson TownshipCarlson, Peter H.19961996
Jackson TownshipRickabaugh, Vicki19971997
Jackson TownshipRickabaugh, Vicki19971997
Jackson TownshipRickabaugh, Vicki19981998
Jackson TownshipAllmann, William J.19991999
Jackson TownshipYalden, Geoffrey B.20002000
Jackson TownshipGrisanti, Joseph D.20012001
Jackson TownshipBroderick, Michael L.20022002
Jackson TownshipKafton, Michael J.20032003
Jackson TownshipGiblin, Sean G.20042004
Jackson TownshipBroderick, Michael L.20052005
Jackson TownshipGiblin, Sean G.20062006
Jackson TownshipSeda, Mark A.20072007
Jackson TownshipSeda, Mark A.20082008
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20092009
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20102010
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20112011
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20122012
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20132013
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20142014
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20152015
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20162016
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20172017
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20182018
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael20192019
Jackson TownshipReina, Michael2020
Lacey TownshipWilbert, B. Franklin19631963
Lacey TownshipKofoet, August19641964
Lacey TownshipKofoet, August19651965
Lacey TownshipHolm, Walter19661966
Lacey TownshipHolm, Walter19671967
Lacey TownshipPenn, Joseph L.19681968
Lacey TownshipPenn, Joseph L.19691969
Lacey TownshipParker, Jihn C.19701970
Lacey TownshipPenn, Joseph L.19711971
Lacey TownshipWood, Robert L.19721972
Lacey TownshipMcNally, Sr., Lawrence J.19731973
Lacey TownshipManson, William M.19741974
Lacey TownshipGlendenning, Jack S.19751975
Lacey TownshipScanlon, Jr., Edward J.19761976
Lacey TownshipThompson, Alvin H.19771977
Lacey TownshipMcNally, Sr., Lawrence J.19781978
Lacey TownshipSmith, Mary Lou19791979
Lacey Townshipvon Spreckelsen, Henry19801980
Lacey TownshipRod, Jorge A.19811981
Lacey TownshipHutler, Jr., Thoedore J.19821982
Lacey TownshipWaskovich, Thomas R.19831983
Lacey TownshipWaskovich, Thomas R.19841984
Lacey TownshipWaskovich, Thomas R.19851985
Lacey TownshipConnors, Christopher J.19861986
Lacey TownshipConnors, Christopher J.19871987
Lacey TownshipConnors, Christopher J.19881988
Lacey TownshipConnors, Christopher J.19891989
Lacey TownshipMadensky, Debra L.19901990
Lacey TownshipMadensky, Debra L.19911991
Lacey TownshipPalumbo, Russell C.19921992
Lacey TownshipAmato, Jr., Louis A.19931993
Lacey TownshipHutler, Jr., Theodore J.19941994
Lacey TownshipBoehm, William J.19951995
Lacey TownshipParker, John c.19961996
Lacey TownshipNick, Evelyn T.19971997
Lacey TownshipNick, Evelyn T.19971997
Lacey TownshipAmato, Jr., Louis A.19981998
Lacey TownshipBoehm, William J.19991999
Lacey TownshipParker, John C.20002000
Lacey TownshipSterling, Ronald L.20012001
Lacey TownshipAmato, Jr., Louis A.20022002
Lacey TownshipReid, Brian A.20032003
Lacey TownshipParker, John C.20042004
Lacey TownshipQuinn, Gary20052005
Lacey TownshipDykoff, Mark20062006
Lacey TownshipReid, Brian A.20072007
Lacey TownshipDavid E. Most20082008
Lacey TownshipParker, John C.20092009
Lacey TownshipQuinn, Gary20102010
Lacey TownshipQuinn, Gary20112011
Lacey TownshipDykoff, Mark20122012
Lacey TownshipMost, David E.20132013
Lacey TownshipMost, David E.20142014
Lacey TownshipQuinn, Gary20152015
Lacey TownshipKennis, Steven20162016
Lacey TownshipCuratolo, Peter20172017
Lacey TownshipJuliano, Nicholas20182018
Lacey TownshipMcDonald, Timothy20192019
Lacey TownshipKennis, Steven2020
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Harold J.19631963
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Harold J.19641964
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Harold J.19651965
Lakehurst BoroughMorrissy, Daniel F.19661966
Lakehurst BoroughMorrissy, Daniel F.19671967
Lakehurst BoroughMorrissy, Daniel F.19681968
Lakehurst BoroughMorrissy, Daniel F.19691969
Lakehurst BoroughNarozanick, Henry19701970
Lakehurst BoroughNarozanick, Henry19711971
Lakehurst BoroughScilex, Edgar19721972
Lakehurst BoroughScilex, Edgar19731973
Lakehurst BoroughScilex, Edgar19741974
Lakehurst BoroughScilex, Edgar19751975
Lakehurst BoroughQuick, William H.19761976
Lakehurst BoroughQuick, William H.19771977
Lakehurst BoroughQuick, William H.19781978
Lakehurst BoroughQuick, William H.19791979
Lakehurst BoroughWinkenbach, Conrad19801980
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael19811981
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael A.19821982
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael A.19831983
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael A.19841984
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael A.19851985
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile, Michael A.19861986
Lakehurst BoroughFuccile,Michael A.19871987
Lakehurst BoroughKamai, Nickolas K.19881988
Lakehurst BoroughKamai, Nickolas K.19891989
Lakehurst BoroughKamai, Nickolas K.19901990
Lakehurst BoroughKamai, Nickolas K.19911991
Lakehurst BoroughTilton, Alton H.19921992
Lakehurst BoroughTilton, Alton H.19931993
Lakehurst BoroughTilton, Alton H.19941994
Lakehurst BoroughTilton, Alton H.19951995
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.19961996
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.19971997
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.19971997
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.19981998
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.19991999
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20002000
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20012001
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20022002
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20032003
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephan F.20042004
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20052005
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20062006
Lakehurst BoroughChilders, Stephen F.20072007
Lakehurst BoroughBorsetti, Timothy20082008
Lakehurst BoroughBorsetti, Timothy20092009
Lakehurst BoroughBorsetti, Timothy20102010
Lakehurst BoroughBorsetti, Timothy20112011
Lakehurst BoroughRobbbins, Harry20122012
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20132013
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20142014
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20152015
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20162016
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20172017
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20182018
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry20192019
Lakehurst BoroughRobbins, Harry2020
Lakewood TownshipGertner, Micael19631963
Lakewood TownshipBartlof, Frank19641964
Lakewood TownshipBrown, John F.19651965
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19661966
Lakewood TownshipBuckelew, Joseph19671967
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19681968
Lakewood TownshipFranklin. John J.19691969
Lakewood TownshipBartolf, Frank19701970
Lakewood TownshipD'Zio, Lawrence19711971
Lakewood TownshipHoffman, George J.19721972
Lakewood TownshipLevin, Michael E.19731973
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19741974
Lakewood TownshipFranklin, John J.19751975
Lakewood TownshipThompson, Wilbur J.19761976
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19771977
Lakewood TownshipFranklin, John J.19781978
Lakewood TownshipMatthews, Kenneth A.19791979
Lakewood TownshipThompson, Wilbur J.19801980
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19811981
Lakewood TownshipFranklinJohn J.19821982
Lakewood TownshipSinger, Robert W.19831983
Lakewood TownshipHicks, Kenneth S.19841984
Lakewood TownshipHicks, Kenneth S.19851985
Lakewood TownshipSinger, Robert W.19861986
Lakewood TownshipWork, Richard L.19871987
Lakewood TownshipGreenberg, Jerome19881988
Lakewood TownshipBuckwald, H. George19891989
Lakewood TownshipFranklin, John J.19901990
Lakewood TownshipWork, Richard L.19911991
Lakewood TownshipGreenberg, Jerome19921992
Lakewood TownshipAlonso, Jose19931993
Lakewood TownshipSinger, Robert W.19941994
Lakewood TownshipWork, Richard L.19951995
Lakewood TownshipGreenberg, Jerome19961996
Lakewood TownshipWork, Richard L.19971997
Lakewood TownshipWork, Richard L.19971997
Lakewood TownshipFranklin, Shelly19981998
Lakewood TownshipCunliffe, Charles19991999
Lakewood TownshipDolobowsky, Mitch20002000
Lakewood TownshipHarrison, Marta D.20012001
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20022002
Lakewood TownshipHarrison, Marta D.20032003
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20042004
Lakewood TownshipCunliffe, Charles20052005
Lakewood TownshipLichtenstein, Meir20062006
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20072007
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20082008
Lakewood TownshipSinger, Robert W.20092009
Lakewood TownshipLangert, Steven20102010
Lakewood TownshipMiller, Menashe P.20112011
Lakewood TownshipMiller, Menashe P.20122012
Lakewood TownshipAkerman, Albert D.20132013
Lakewood TownshipAkerman, Albert D.20142014
Lakewood TownshipAkerman, Albert D.20152015
Lakewood TownshipMiller, Menashe P.20162016
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20172017
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20182018
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.20192019
Lakewood TownshipColes, Raymond G.2020
Lavallette BoroughHankins, James19641964
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L. F.19651965
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L. F.19661966
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L. F.19671967
Lavallette BoroughGaskill, Ira19681968
Lavallette BoroughGaskill, Ira19691969
Lavallette BoroughGaskill, Ira19701970
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L. F.19711971
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L .F.19721972
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan L. F.19731973
Lavallette BoroughConner, Alan F.19741974
Lavallette BoroughBirchler, Roman J.19751975
Lavallette BoroughBirchler, Roman J.19761976
Lavallette BoroughBirchler, Roman J.19771977
Lavallette BoroughBirchler, Roman J.19781978
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19791979
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19801980
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19811981
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19821982
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19831983
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19841984
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19851985
Lavallette BoroughGorga, Ralph J.19861986
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19871987
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19881988
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19891989
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19901990
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19911991
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19921992
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19931993
Lavallette BoroughBoekholt, Jr., James M.19941994
Lavallette BoroughBarow, Aileen L.19951995
Lavallette BoroughBarow, Aileen L.19961996
Lavallette BoroughBarow, Aileen l.19971997
Lavallette BoroughBarow, Aileen L.19971997
Lavallette BoroughBarow, Aileen l.19981998
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.19991999
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20002000
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20012001
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20022002
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20032003
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20042004
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20052005
Lavallette BoroughWalls, Thomas J.20062006
Lavallette BoroughArdito, Joseph20072007
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20082008
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20092009
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20102010
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20112011
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20122012
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20132013
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20142014
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20152015
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20162016
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20172017
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20182018
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.20192019
Lavallette BoroughLaCicero, Walter G.2020
Lavellette BoroughHankins, James19631963
Little Egg HarborAdair, John19981998
Little Egg Harbor TownshipHolman, J. Chester19631963
Little Egg Harbor TownshipHolman, J. Chester19641964
Little Egg Harbor TownshipHolman, J. Chester19651965
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19661966
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19671967
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19681968
Little Egg harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19691969
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19701970
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19711971
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19721972
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19731973
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19741974
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLeitz, Robert19751975
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKoptic, Joseph P.19761976
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKoptic, Joseph P.19771977
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCiliento, Dennis19781978
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCiliento, Dennis19791979
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCiliento, Dennis19801980
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19811981
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19821982
Little Egg Harbor TownshipLowe, Peter19831983
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19841984
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19851985
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19861986
Little Egg Harbor TownshipChiovarou, F. Richard19871987
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKozlowski, Robert J.19881988
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCypra, Jr., Emil W.19891989
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCiliento, Dennis19901990
Little Egg Harbor TownshipTichaz, Robert E.19911991
Little Egg Harbor TownshipWoolsey, Thomas S.19921992
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKozlowski, Robert J.19931993
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCorreira, Robert19941994
Little Egg Harbor TownshipDePergola, Margaret19951995
Little Egg Harbor TownshipAdair, John19961996
Little Egg Harbor TownshipAdair, John19971997
Little Egg Harbor TownshipAdair, John19971997
Little Egg Harbor TownshipAdair, John19991999
Little Egg Harbor TownshipRumpf, Brian E.20002000
Little Egg Harbor TownshipRumpf, Brian E.20012001
Little Egg Harbor TownshipRumpf, Brian E.20022002
Little Egg Harbor TownshipRumpf, Brian E.20032003
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20042004
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20052005
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCrea, Barbara Jo20062006
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCrea, Barbara Jo20072007
Little Egg Harbor TownshipStites, Scott20082008
Little Egg Harbor TownshipStites, Scott20092009
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20102010
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20112011
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKelm, Jr., John20122012
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKelm, Jr., John20132013
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKelm, Jr., John20142014
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKelm, Jr., John20152015
Little Egg Harbor TownshipKobryn, Eugene20162016
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20172017
Little Egg Harbor TownshipGormley, Raymond20182018
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCrea, Barbara Jo20192019
Little Egg Harbor TownshipCrea, Barbara Jo2020
Long Beach TownshipMorris, Jr., William A.19631963
Long Beach TownshipMorris, Jr., William A.19641964
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19651965
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19661966
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19671967
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19681968
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19691969
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19701970
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19711971
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19721972
Long Beach TownshipGoodman, Charles19731973
Long Beach TownshipGoodman, Charles19741974
Long Beach TownshipGoodman, Charles19751975
Long Beach TownshipGoodman, Charles19761976
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19771977
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19781978
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19791979
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19801980
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19811981
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19821982
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19831983
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19841984
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19851985
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19861986
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19871987
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19881988
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19891989
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19901990
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19911991
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19921992
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19931993
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19941994
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19951995
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19961996
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19971997
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19971997
Long Beach TownshipMancini. James J.19981998
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.19991999
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.20002000
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.20012001
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.20022002
Long Beach TownshipMancini, James J.20032003
Long Beach TownshipMurphy, Peter L.20042004
Long Beach TownshipGove, DiAnne C.20052005
Long Beach TownshipGove, DiAnne C.20062006
Long Beach TownshipGove, DiAnne C.20072007
Long Beach TownshipGove, DiAnne C.20082008
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20092009
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20102010
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20112011
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20122012
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20132013
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20142014
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20152015
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20162016
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20172017
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20182018
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.20192019
Long Beach TownshipMancini, Joseph H.2020
Manchester TownshipWright, Harry19631963
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19641964
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19651965
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19661966
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19671967
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19681968
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19691969
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19701970
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph s.19711971
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19721972
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19731973
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19741974
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19751975
Manchester TownshipPortash, Joseph S.19761976
Manchester TownshipSweeney, John J.19771977
Manchester TownshipSweeney, John J.19781978
Manchester TownshipSweeney,John J.19791979
Manchester TownshipSussex, Anthony G.19801980
Manchester TownshipSussex, Anthony G.19811981
Manchester TownshipSussex, Anthony G.19821982
Manchester TownshipLynch, Joseph A.19831983
Manchester TownshipLynch, Joseph A.19841984
Manchester TownshipLynch, Joseph A.19851985
Manchester TownshipTerkelsen, Martin L.19861986
Manchester TownshipMurray, Joseph F.19871987
Manchester TownshipMurray, Joseph F.19881988
Manchester TownshipMurray, Joseph F.19891989
Manchester TownshipRizzolo III, Ralph J.19901990
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19911991
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19921992
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19931993
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19941994
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19951995
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19961996
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19971997
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19971997
Manchester TownshipCameron, Jane C.19981998
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael19991999
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20002000
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20012001
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20022002
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20032003
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20042004
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20052005
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20062006
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20072007
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20082008
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20092009
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20102010
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20112011
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20122012
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20132013
Manchester TownshipFressola, Michael20142014
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.20152015
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.20162016
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.20172017
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.20182018
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.20192019
Manchester TownshipPalmer, Kenneth T.2020
Mantoloking BoroughRiker, Adrian19631963
Mantoloking BoroughRiker, Adrian19641964
Mantoloking BoroughBoocock, Cornelius B.19651965
Mantoloking BoroughBoocock, Cornelius B.19661966
Mantoloking BoroughBoocock, Cornelius B.19671967
Mantoloking BoroughBoocock, Cornelius B.19681968
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19691969
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19701970
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19711971
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19721972
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19731973
Mantoloking BoroughMackey, Donald D.19741974
Mantoloking BoroughBuck, Thomas M.19751975
Mantoloking BoroughBuck, Thomas M.19761976
Mantoloking BoroughBuck, Thomas M.19771977
Mantoloking BoroughBuck, Thomas M.19781978
Mantoloking BoroughTubbs, Donald D.19791979
Mantoloking BoroughTubbs, Donald D.19801980
Mantoloking BoroughTubbs, Donald D.19811981
Mantoloking BoroughTubbs, Donald D.19821982
Mantoloking BoroughTalbot, Herbert W.19831983
Mantoloking BoroughTalbot, Herbert W.19841984
Mantoloking BoroughTalbot, Herbert W.19851985
Mantoloking BoroughTalbot, Herbert W.19861986
Mantoloking BoroughBarton, Jr., Thomas C.19871987
Mantoloking BoroughBarton, Jr., Thomas C.19881988
Mantoloking BoroughBarton, Jr., Thomas C.19891989
Mantoloking BoroughBarton, Jr., Thomas C.19901990
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19911991
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19921992
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19931993
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19941994
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19951995
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19961996
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19971997
Mantoloking BoroughRoman, Robert A.19981998
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.19991999
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.20012001
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.20022002
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.20032003
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.20042004
Mantoloking BoroughDunbar III, William K.20052005
Mantoloking BoroughDunbarIII, William K.20062006
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20072007
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20082008
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20092009
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20102010
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20112011
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20122012
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20132013
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20142014
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20152015
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20162016
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20172017
Mantoloking BoroughNebel, George C.20182018
Mantoloking BoroughWhite, Laurence20192019
Mantoloking BoroughWhite, E. Laurence2020
Mantolokng BoroughDunbar III, William K.20002000
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19631963
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19641964
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19651965
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19661966
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19671967
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19681968
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19691969
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19701970
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19711971
Ocean Gate BoroughMease, Floyd W.19721972
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19731973
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19741974
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19751975
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19761976
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19771977
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19781978
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19791979
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19801980
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19811981
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19821982
Ocean Gate BoroughCashman, Clarence G.19831983
Ocean Gate BoroughJones, Willis H.19841984
Ocean Gate BoroughJones, Willis H.19851985
Ocean Gate BoroughJones, Willis H.19861986
Ocean Gate BoroughJones, Willis H.19871987
Ocean Gate BoroughJones, Willis H.19881988
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19891989
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19901990
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19911991
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19921992
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19931993
Ocean Gate BoroughAlonzo, Walter H.19941994
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.19951995
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.19961996
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.19971997
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.19981998
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.19991999
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20002000
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20012001
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20022002
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20032003
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20042004
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20052005
Ocean Gate BoroughTerranova, Peter A.20062006
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20072007
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20092009
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20102010
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20112011
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20122012
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20132013
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20142014
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20152015
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20162016
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20172017
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20182018
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.20192019
Ocean Gate BoroughKennedy, Paul J.2020
Ocean Gate TownshipKennedy, Paul J.20082008
Ocean TownshipHall, Ebert L.19631963
Ocean TownshipHall, Ebert L.19641964
Ocean TownshipHall, Ebert E.19651965
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19661966
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19671967
Ocean TownshipReid, Joseph C.19681968
Ocean TownshipReid, Joseph C.19691969
Ocean TownshipLandgraber, Fred A.19701970
Ocean TownshipLandgraber, Fred A.19711971
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19721972
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19731973
Ocean TownshipDuPont, Emile I.19741974
Ocean TownshipPoerner,George R.19751975
Ocean TownshipPoener, George R.19761976
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19771977
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19781978
Ocean TownshipBocchino, Eugene N.19791979
Ocean TownshipBocchino, Eugene N.19801980
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David N.19811981
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, Davis E.19821982
Ocean TownshipSchwarzenbach, Edward J.19831983
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19841984
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19851985
Ocean TownshipSchwarzenbach, Edward J.19861986
Ocean TownshipCampbell, William C.19871987
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19881988
Ocean TownshipTredy, Denis F.19891989
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19901990
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19911991
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19921992
Ocean TownshipSprague, Engel H.19931993
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19941994
Ocean TownshipEkelmann, David E.19951995
Ocean TownshipSmith, Allen T.19961996
Ocean TownshipSzczech, Maria19971997
Ocean TownshipSzczech, Maria19981998
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.19991999
Ocean TownshipFonseca, Antonio20002000
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20012001
Ocean TownshipKraft, Robert J.20022002
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20032003
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20042004
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20052005
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20062006
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20072007
Ocean TownshipVan Pelt, Daniel M.20082008
Ocean TownshipKraft, Robert J.20092009
Ocean TownshipLachawiec, Joseph20102010
Ocean TownshipLachawiec, Joseph20112011
Ocean TownshipTredy, Dennis F.20122012
Ocean TownshipWetter, Christina20132013
Ocean TownshipWetter, Christina20142014
Ocean TownshipWetter, Christina20152015
Ocean TownshipTredy, Dennis F.20162016
Ocean TownshipWetter, Christina20172017
Ocean TownshipCollamer, Daniel20182018
Ocean TownshipLoParo, Ben20192019
Ocean TownshipBaulderstone, Ken2020
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19631963
Pine Beach BoroughBoehner, John L.19641964
Pine Beach BoroughBoehner, John L.19651965
Pine Beach BoroughMcOmber, Melvin D.19661966
Pine Beach BoroughMcOmber, Melvin D.19671967
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19681968
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19691969
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19701970
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19711971
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19721972
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19731973
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19741974
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19751975
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19761976
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19771977
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19781978
Pine Beach BoroughBartlette, Jr., John C.19791979
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19801980
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19811981
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19821982
Pine Beach BoroughMabie, Benjamin H.19831983
Pine Beach BoroughHouston, Charles W.19841984
Pine Beach BoroughHouston, Charles W.19851985
Pine Beach BoroughHouston, Charles W.19861986
Pine Beach BoroughHouston, Charles W.19871987
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19881988
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19891989
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19901990
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19911991
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19921992
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19931993
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19941994
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19951995
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19961996
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19971997
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19981998
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.19991999
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20002000
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20012001
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20022002
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20032003
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20042004
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20052005
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20062006
Pine Beach BoroughCorby, Russell K.20072007
Pine Beach BoroughBoyle, Christopher J.20082008
Pine Beach BoroughBoyle, Christopher J.20092009
Pine Beach BoroughBoyle, Christopher J.20102010
Pine Beach BoroughBoyle, Christopher J.20112011
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20122012
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20132013
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20142014
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20152015
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20162016
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20172017
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20182018
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.20192019
Pine Beach BoroughCuneo, Lawrence W.2020
Plumsted TownshipInman, John S.19631963
Plumsted TownshipInman, John S.19641964
Plumsted TownshipHopkins, Dayton G.19651965
Plumsted TownshipPotter, Kenneth R.19661966
Plumsted TownshipInman, John S.19671967
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19681968
Plumsted TownshipPotter, Kenneth R.19691969
Plumsted TownshipPotter, Kenneth R.19701970
Plumsted TownshipSchroder, James H.19711971
Plumsted TownshipPotter, Kenneth R.19721972
Plumsted TownshipVanderipe, John19731973
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19741974
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19751975
Plumsted TownshipPotter, Kenneth R.19761976
Plumsted TownshipShiner, John T.19771977
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19781978
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19791979
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19801980
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19811981
Plumsted TownshipSchroeder, James H.19821982
Plumsted TownshipDeMeo, John19831983
Plumsted TownshipHorner, Charles19841984
Plumsted TownshipHorner, Charles19851985
Plumsted TownshipDeMeo, John19861986
Plumsted TownshipHorner, Charles19871987
Plumsted TownshipHorner Charles19881988
Plumsted TownshipHorner, Charles19891989
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19901990
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19911991
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19921992
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19931993
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19941994
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19951995
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19961996
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19971997
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19981998
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.19991999
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20002000
Plumsted TownshipDncaer, Ronald S.20012001
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20022002
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20032003
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20042004
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20052005
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20062006
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20072007
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20082008
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20092009
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20102010
Plumsted TownshipDancer, Ronald S.20112011
Plumsted TownshipLeutwyler, David J.20122012
Plumsted TownshipLeutwyler, David J.20132013
Plumsted TownshipLeutwyler, David J.20142014
Plumsted TownshipTrotta, Jack A.20152015
Plumsted TownshipTrotta, Jack A.20162016
Plumsted TownshipTrotta, Jack A.20172017
Plumsted TownshipTrotta, Jack A.20182018
Plumsted TownshipTrotta, Jack A.20192019
Plumsted TownshipMarinari, Herbert F.2020
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughMoore, Henry19631963
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBasso, Roy B.19641964
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBasso, Roy B. L.19651965
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughDevaney, Howard J.19661966
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughDevaney, Howard J.19671967
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughDevaney, Howard J.19681968
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughDevaney, Howard J.19691969
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughStikeleather, Elmer F.19701970
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughStikeleather, Elmer F.19711971
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughFlynn, John F.19721972
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughFlynn, John F.19731973
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughFlynn, John F.19741974
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughFlynn, John F.19751975
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughSwanson, R. Dennis19761976
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughSwanson, R. Dennis19771977
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughSwanson, R. Dennis19781978
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughSwanson, R. Dennis19791979
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19801980
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19811981
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19821982
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daneil J.19831983
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19841984
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19851985
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19861986
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19871987
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19881988
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19891989
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19901990
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19911991
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19921992
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19931993
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19941994
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19951995
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19961996
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19971997
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19981998
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughHennessy, Daniel J.19991999
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughPasola, John E.20002000
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughPasola, John E.20012001
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughPasola, John E.20022002
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughPasola, John E.20032003
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughVogel, Thomas20042004
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughVogel, Thomas20052005
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughVogel, Thomas20062006
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughVogel, Thomas20072007
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20082008
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20092009
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20102010
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20112011
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20122012
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20132013
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrelle, Vincent R.20142014
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughBarrella, Vincent R.20152015
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughReid, Stephen D.20162016
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughReid, Stephen D.20172017
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughReid, Stephen D.20182018
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughReid, Stephen D.20192019
Point Pleasant Beach BoroughKanitra, Paul M.2020
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19631963
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19641964
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19651965
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19661966
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19671967
Point Pleasant BoroughBrown, Walter E.19681968
Point Pleasant BoroughValanti, Michael J.19691969
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19701970
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19711971
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19721972
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19731973
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19741974
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19751975
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19761976
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19771977
Point Pleasant BoroughValenti, Michael J.19781978
Point Pleasant BoroughMarone, Peter A.19791979
Point Pleasant BoroughMarone, Peter A.19801980
Point Pleasant BoroughMarone, Peter A.19811981
Point Pleasant BoroughMarone, Peter A.19821982
Point Pleasant BoroughBoggio, Marshall R.19831983
Point Pleasant BoroughBoggio, Marshall R.19841984
Point Pleasant BoroughBoggio, Marshall R.19851985
Point Pleasant BoroughBoggio, Marshall R.19861986
Point Pleasant BoroughArms, Leonard19871987
Point Pleasant BoroughArms, Leonard19881988
Point Pleasant BoroughArms, Leonard19891989
Point Pleasant BoroughArms, Leonard19901990
Point Pleasant BoroughConger, Alfred P.19911991
Point Pleasant BoroughConger, Alfred P.19921992
Point Pleasant BoroughConger, Alfred P.19931993
Point Pleasant BoroughConger, Alfred P.19941994
Point Pleasant BoroughFearon, William C.19951995
Point Pleasant BoroughFearon, William C.19961996
Point Pleasant BoroughFearon, William C.19971997
Point Pleasant BoroughFearon, William C.19981998
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.19991999
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20002000
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20012001
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20022002
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20032003
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20042004
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20052005
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20062006
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20072007
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20082008
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20092009
Point Pleasant BoroughKonkus, Martin C.20102010
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20112011
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20122012
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20132013
Point Pleasant BoroughSchroeder, William G.20142014
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert A.20152015
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert A.20162016
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert20172017
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert A.20182018
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert A.20192019
Point Pleasant BoroughSabosik, Robert A.2020
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, J. Stanley19631963
Seaside Heights boroughTunney, J. Stanley19641964
Seaside Heights BoroughAmbrunn, William C.19651965
Seaside Heights BoroughBentz, David J. P.19661966
Seaside Heights BoroughBentz, David J. P.19671967
Seaside Heights BoroughBentz, David P.19681968
Seaside Heights BoroughBentz, David J. P.19691969
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19701970
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19711971
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19721972
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19731973
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19741974
Seaside Heights BoroughTunney, William P.19751975
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19761976
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19771977
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19781978
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19791979
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19801980
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19811981
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George G.19821982
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19831983
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George G.19841984
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19851985
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19861986
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19871987
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19881988
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19891989
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19901990
Seaside Heights BoroughTompkins, George E.19911991
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19921992
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19931993
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19941994
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19951995
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19961996
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19971997
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19981998
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth19991999
Seaside Heights BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19991999
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20002000
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20012001
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20022002
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20032003
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20042004
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20052005
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20062006
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20072007
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20082008
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20092009
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20102010
Seaside Heights BoroughHershey, Jr., P. Kenneth20112011
Seaside Heights BoroughAkers, William20122012
Seaside Heights BoroughAkers, William20132013
Seaside Heights BoroughAkers, William20142014
Seaside Heights BoroughAkers, William20152015
Seaside Heights BoroughVaz, Anthony E.20162016
Seaside Heights BoroughVaz, Anthony E.20172017
Seaside Heights BoroughVaz, Anthony E.20182018
Seaside Heights BoroughVaz, Anthony E.20192019
Seaside Heights BoroughVaz, Anthony2020
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19631963
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19641964
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19651965
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19661966
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19671967
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19681968
Seaside Park BoroughKlein, Frank H.19691969
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19701970
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19711971
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19721972
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19731973
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19741974
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19751975
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19761976
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19771977
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19781978
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19791979
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19801980
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19811981
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19821982
Seaside Park BoroughDelaney, Joseph J.19831983
Seaside Park BoroughAyers, Thomas F.19841984
Seaside Park BoroughAyers, Thomas F.19851985
Seaside Park BoroughAyers, Thomas F.19861986
Seaside Park BoroughAyers, Thomas F.19871987
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19881988
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19901990
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19911991
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19921992
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19931993
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19941994
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19951995
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John P.19961996
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19971997
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.19981998
Seaside Park BoroughCondos, Alexander B.20002000
Seaside Park BoroughCondos, Alexander B.20012001
Seaside Park BoroughCondos, Alexander B.20022002
Seaside Park BoroughAnderson, Jesse W.20032003
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20042004
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20052005
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20062006
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20072007
Seaside Park BoroughConnors, Thomas, E.20082008
Seaside Park BoroughConnors, Thomas E.20092009
Seaside Park BoroughConnors,Thomas E.20102010
Seaside Park BoroughConnors, Thomas E.20112011
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20122012
Seaside Park BoroughMatties, Jr., Robert W.20132013
Seaside Park BoroughMatties, Jr., Robert W.20142014
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20152015
Seaside Park BoroughMatties, Jr., Robert W.20162016
Seaside Park BoroughMatties, Jr., Robert W.20172017
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20182018
Seaside Park BoroughMatthies, Jr., Robert W.20192019
Seaside Park BoroughPeterson, Jr., John A.2020
Seaside Park BorughPeterson, Jr., John A.19891989
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19631963
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19641964
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19651965
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19661966
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19671967
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19681968
Ship Bottom BoroughKlein, Frank H.19701970
Ship Bottom BoroughHodgson, William J.19711971
Ship Bottom BoroughHodgson, William J.19721972
Ship Bottom BoroughHodgson, William J.19731973
Ship Bottom BoroughHodgson, William J.19741974
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19751975
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19761976
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19771977
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19781978
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19791979
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19801980
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19811981
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, W. Robert19821982
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19831983
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19841984
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19851985
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19861986
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19871987
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19881988
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19891989
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19901990
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19911991
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19921992
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19931993
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19941994
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19951995
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19961996
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19971997
Ship Bottom BoroughNissen, Robert W.19981998
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William19991999
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20002000
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20012001
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20022002
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20032003
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20042004
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William20052005
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20062006
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20072007
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20082008
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20092009
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20102010
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20112011
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20122012
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20132013
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20142014
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20152015
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20162016
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20172017
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20182018
Ship Bottom BoroughHuelsenbeck, William20192019
Ship Bottom BoroughHeulsenbeck, William2020
South Toms River BoroughMulligan, John J.19631963
South Toms River BoroughMulligan, John J.19641964
South Toms River BoroughMehrtens, Harry W.19651965
South Toms River BoroughMehrtens, Harry W.19661966
South Toms River BoroughRusso, Sebate S.19671967
South Toms River BoroughRusso, Sebate S.19681968
South Toms River BoroughRusso, Sebate S.19691969
South Toms River BoroughRusso, Sebate S.19701970
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19711971
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19721972
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19731973
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19741974
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19751975
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19761976
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19771977
South Toms River BoroughAlaimo, Gaetano J.19781978
South Toms River BoroughYannette, William E.19791979
South Toms River BoroughYannette, William E.19801980
South Toms River BoroughYannette, William E.19811981
South Toms River BoroughYannette, William E.19821982
South Toms River BoroughMooney, Edward19831983
South Toms River BoroughMooney, Edward19841984
South Toms River BoroughMooney, Edward19851985
South Toms River BoroughMooney, Edward19861986
South Toms River BoroughGreitz, Jr., George J.19871987
South Toms River BoroughGreitz, Jr., George19881988
South Toms River BoroughGreitz, Jr., George J.19891989
South Toms River BoroughGreitz, Jr., George J.19901990
South Toms River BoroughBarone, Joseph19911991
South Toms River BoroughBarone, Joseph19921992
South Toms River BoroughBarone, Joseph19931993
South Toms River BoroughBarone, Joseph19941994
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.19951995
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.19961996
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.19971997
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.19981998
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.19991999
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George G.20002000
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.20012001
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.20022002
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.20032003
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr. George J.20042004
South Toms River BoroughGrietz, Jr., George J.20052005
South Toms River BoroughGreitz, Jr., George J.20062006
South Toms River BoroughKeene, Michael P.20072007
South Toms River BoroughKeene, Michael P.20082008
South Toms River BoroughKeene, Michael P.20102010
South Toms River BoroughChampagne, Joseph M.20112011
South Toms River BoroughChampagne, Jr., Joseph M.20122012
South Toms River BoroughChampagne, Jr., Joseph M.20132013
South Toms River BoroughChampagne, Jr., Joseph M.20142014
South Toms River BoroughCradle, Oscar20152015
South Toms River BoroughCradle, Oscar20162016
South Toms River BoroughCradle, Oscar20172017
South Toms River BoroughCradle, Oscar20182018
South Toms River BoroughHandshy, Gregory20192019
South Toms River BoroughHandshy, Gregory2020
South Toms River TownshipKeene, Michael P.20092009
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Walter H.18771877
Stafford TownshipSprague, William S.18781878
Stafford TownshipSprague, William S.18791879
Stafford TownshipHazelton, Joseph E.18801880
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Lewis A.18811881
Stafford TownshipHazelton, Joseph E.18821882
Stafford TownshipFlomerfelt, William18831883
Stafford TownshipOliphant, Joseph R.18841884
Stafford TownshipCook, Edgar J.18851885
Stafford TownshipCook, Edgar J.18861886
Stafford TownshipLetts, John18871887
Stafford TownshipLetts, John18881888
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Lewis A.18891889
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18901890
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18911891
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18921892
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Lewis A.18931893
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18941894
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18951895
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18961896
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18971897
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18981898
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.18991899
Stafford TownshipPredmore, Edward E.19001900
Stafford TownshipPredmore, Edward E.19011901
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19021902
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19031903
Stafford TownshipPremore, Edward E.19031903
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19041904
Stafford TownshipPredmore,Edward E.19041904
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19051905
Stafford TownshipPredmore, Edward E.19051905
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19061906
Stafford TownshipOliphant, Benjamin19061906
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19071907
Stafford TownshipPharo, George F.19081908
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19091909
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19101910
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19111911
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19121912
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19131913
Stafford TownshipSprague, William B.19141914
Stafford TownshipBennett, George E.19151915
Stafford TownshipBennett, George E.19161916
Stafford TownshipBenett, George E.19171917
Stafford TownshipBennett, George E.19181918
Stafford TownshipBennett, George E.19191919
Stafford TownshipBennett, George E.19201920
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19211921
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Charles H.19221922
Stafford TownshipCrane, Charles G.19231923
Stafford TownshipCrane, Charles G.19241924
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19251925
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19261926
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19271927
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19281928
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19291929
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Woodburn S.19301930
Stafford TownshipCrane, Harry E.19311931
Stafford TownshipCrane, Harry E.19321932
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Chester19331933
Stafford TownshipCrane, Harry E.19341934
Stafford TownshipCrane, Harry E.19351835
Stafford TownshipCrane,Harry E.19361936
Stafford TownshipSeaman, Stanley19371937
Stafford TownshipSeaman, Stanley19381938
Stafford TownshipSeaman,Stanley19391939
Stafford TownshipCrane, Harry E.19401940
Stafford TownshipJohnson, Lester19411941
Stafford TownshipJohnson, Lester19421942
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Leslie19431943
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Leslie19441944
Stafford TownshipHorner, Russell19451945
Stafford TownshipGarrison, Gilbert19461946
Stafford TownshipGarrison, Gilbert19471947
Stafford TownshipConklin, Calvin19481948
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Leslie19491949
Stafford TownshipHorner, Russell19501950
Stafford TownshipHorner, Russell19511951
Stafford TownshipHorner, Russell19521952
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Leslie19531953
Stafford TownshipKing, Howard19541954
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Milton H.19551955
Stafford TownshipBurnham, William S.19561956
Stafford TownshipCervetto, Jack19571957
Stafford TownshipCranmer, Milton H.19581958
Stafford TownshipBurnham, William S.19591959
Stafford TownshipMichel, Amos19601960
Stafford TownshipSeaman, Stanley19611961
Stafford TownshipHolm, Robert19621962
Stafford TownshipCervetto, Jack19631963
Stafford TownshipCorlis, Alden R.19641964
Stafford TownshipHolm, Robert19651965
Stafford TownshipCervetto, Jack19661966
Stafford TownshipBoltner, Charles W.19671967
Stafford TownshipHolm, Robert19681968
Stafford TownshipCervetto, Jack19691969
Stafford TownshipBoltner, Charles W.19701970
Stafford TownshipHolm, Robert19711971
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19721972
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19731973
Stafford TownshipKnight, Charles E.19741974
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19751975
Stafford TownshipKnight, Charles E.19761976
Stafford TownshipNovotny, Jr., Louis19771977
Stafford TownshipKnight, Charles E.19781978
Stafford TownshipBarnes, Delores M.19791979
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19801980
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19811981
Stafford TownshipSorrentino, Joseph J.19821982
Stafford TownshipBell, Wesley K.19831983
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19841984
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl M.19851985
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19861986
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19871987
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19881988
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19891989
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19901990
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19911991
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19921992
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19931993
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19941994
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19951995
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19961996
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19971997
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19981998
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.19991999
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20002000
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20012001
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20022002
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20032003
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20042004
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20052005
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20062006
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20072007
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20082008
Stafford TownshipBlock, Carl W.20092009
Stafford TownshipMcMenamin, John20102010
Stafford TownshipMcMenamin, John20112011
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20122012
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20132013
Stafford TownshipSpadofora, John R.20142014
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20152015
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20162016
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20172017
Stafford TownshipSpodofora, John R.20182018
Stafford TownshipMyhre, Gregory E.20192019
Stafford TownshipMyhre, Gregory E.20202021
Surf City BoroughZachariae, Richard A.19631963
Surf City BoroughNelson, Bruce V.19641964
Surf City BoroughNelson, Bruce V.19651965
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19661966
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19671967
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19681968
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19691969
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19701970
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19711971
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19721972
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19731973
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19741974
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19751975
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19761976
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19771977
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19781978
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19791979
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19801980
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19811981
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19821982
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19831983
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19841984
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19851985
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19861986
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19871987
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19881988
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19891989
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19901990
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19911991
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19921992
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19931993
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19941994
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19951995
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19961996
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19971997
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.19981998
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., leonard T.19991999
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20002000
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20012001
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20022002
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20032003
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20042004
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20052005
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20062006
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20072007
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20082008
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20092009
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20102010
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20112011
Surf City BoroughConnorss, Jr., Leonard T.20122012
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20132013
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20142014
Surf City BoroughConnors, Jr., Leonard T.20152015
Surf City BoroughHodgson, Sr., Francis R.20162016
Surf City BoroughHodgson, Sr., Francis20172017
Surf City BoroughHodgson, Jr., Francis R.20182018
Surf City BoroughHodgson, Sr., Francis R.20192019
Surf City BoroughHodgson, Francis R.2020
Toms River TownshipBrush, Paul C.20072007
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20082008
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20092009
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20102010
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20112011
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20122012
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20132013
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20142014
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20152015
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20162016
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20172017
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20182018
Toms River TownshipKelaher, Thomas F.20192019
Toms River TownshipHill, Jr., Maurice2020
Tuckerton BoroughSeaman, Stanley H.19631963
Tuckerton BoroughSeaman, Stanley H.19641964
Tuckerton BoroughEntwistle, J. Lawrence19651965
Tuckerton BoroughEntwistle, J. Lawrence19661966
Tuckerton BoroughEntwistle, J. Lawrence19671967
Tuckerton BoroughEntwistle, J. Lawrence19681968
Tuckerton BoroughEntwistle, J. Lawrence19691969
Tuckerton BoroughBurd, Jr., Malcolm19701970
Tuckerton BoroughBurd, Jr., Malcolm19711971
Tuckerton BoroughBurd, Jr., Malcolm19721972
Tuckerton BoroughBurd, Jr., Malcolm19731973
Tuckerton BoroughBurd, Jr. Malcolm19741974
Tuckerton BoroughDupuis, Euclid R.19751975
Tuckerton BoroughDupuis, Euclid R.19761976
Tuckerton BoroughDupuis, Euclid R.19771977
Tuckerton BoroughDupuis, Euclid R.19781978
Tuckerton BoroughDupuis, Euclid R.19791979
Tuckerton BoroughMidgett, Jr., Boyd L.19801980
Tuckerton BoroughMidgett, Jr., Boyd L.19811981
Tuckerton BoroughMidgett, Jr., Boyd L.19821982
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19831983
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19841984
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19851985
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19861986
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19871987
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19881988
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19891989
Tuckerton BoroughMathis, Michael H.19901990
Tuckerton BoroughBower, James D.19911991
Tuckerton BoroughBower, James D.19921992
Tuckerton BoroughBower, James D.19931993
Tuckerton BoroughBower, James D.19941994
Tuckerton BoroughJacobi, Anna B.19951995
Tuckerton BoroughJacobi, Anna B.19961996
Tuckerton BoroughJacobi, Anna B.19971997
Tuckerton BoroughJacobi, Anna B.19981998
Tuckerton BoroughMoritz, Elizabeth P.19991999
Tuckerton BoroughMoritz, Elizabeth P.20002000
Tuckerton BoroughMoritz, Elizabeth P.20012001
Tuckerton BoroughMoritz, Elizabeth P.20022002
Tuckerton BoroughQuinlan, Kevin S.20032003
Tuckerton BoroughQuinlan, Kevin S.20042004
Tuckerton BoroughQuinlan, Kevin S.20052005
Tuckerton BoroughQuinlan, Kevin S.20062006
Tuckerton BoroughEggert, Lewis E.20072007
Tuckerton BoroughEggert, Lewis E.20082008
Tuckerton BoroughEggert, Lewis E.20092009
Tuckerton BoroughEggert, Lewis E.20102010
Tuckerton BoroughEvans, George A.20112011
Tuckerton BoroughEvans, George A.20122012
Tuckerton BoroughEvans, George A.20132013
Tuckerton BoroughEvans, George A.20142014
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.20152015
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.20162016
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.20172017
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.20182018
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.20192019
Tuckerton BoroughMarshall, Susan R.2020
Union TownshipSeaman, Jr., W. Elmer19631963
Union TownshipSeaman, Jr., W. Elmer19641964
Union TownshipBolen, Alexander R.19651965
Union TownshipBolen, Alexander R.19661966
Union TownshipSeaman, Jr., W. Elmer19671967
Union TownshipCranmer, Joseph M.19681968
Union TownshipCranmer, Joseph M.19691969
Union TownshipCranmer, Joseph M.19701970
Union TownshipSeaman, Jr., W. Elmer19711971
Union TownshipSeaman, Jr., W. Elmer19721972
Union TownshipOtto, Harry19731973
Union TownshipHumbert, John L.19741974
Union TownshipHumbert, John L.19751975
Union TownshipHaines, M. Dean19761976