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Juvenile Services Community Service Program

The Ocean County Juvenile Services Community Service Program works in conjunction with the RAISE Program. This means that RAISE participants are given the opportunity to begin their Community Service hours while attending the program.

We also provide supervised onsite Community Service for Ocean County Juveniles that have been sentenced by various courts and judicial committees. Assist in locating, monitoring and recording of, offsite location for juveniles throughout their community, placing participants at foodbanks, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Program Goals & Objectives

The Community Service Program is designed to promote a positive work environment, as well as insuring the safety of the juveniles and community we serve.

A unique teaching concept, incorporating vocational training while performing and completing court ordered community service.

To assist various Ocean County Departments and local nonprofit agencies with project design, woodworking, and building maintenance.

Provide proper supervision that makes the juvenile accountable for all hours they must perform.

Through close supervision, help the juvenile develop a responsible work ethic.

To assure that the juvenile completes his/her sentence to the satisfaction of the Family Court.