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Residential Document Shredding Program

Shredded office paper cannot be effectively sorted by the County’s Recyclable Materials Processing Facility, and therefore needs to be recycled separately in order to produce a marketable commodity. Separate collection also helps to avoid issues with paper contaminating the other materials being processed at the facility, which can lower overall quality and make recycling these materials more difficult.

For these reasons shredded office paper should NOT be placed with curbside single stream recyclables, and should instead be brought to the drop-off boxes located near Building 105 at the Southern Recycling Center or Building 68 at the Northern Recycling Center for recycling.

Another option for residents is to simply bring their unshredded documents to a residential document shredding event.

Throughout the year the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Department of Solid Waste Management sponsors a Residential Document Shredding Program. Numerous collection dates are offered for County residents to properly recycle sensitive papers and other documents. Each program will run the complete scheduled time or until the truck(s) fill to capacity (capacity for one truck is approximately 8000lbs). Shredding units feature an automatic feeding and dumping system, which eliminates human contact with County resident’s documents.

This program is open to RESIDENTS ONLY. Business and/or commercial documents will not be accepted.

In order to conserve truck space, residents are limited to 6 boxes (or bags) of documents each day.

Paper clips and staples do not have to be removed from documents. Unacceptable items include: x-rays, CDs, floppy disks, micro film, and file folders.

Click Here to view the 2019 Residential Document Shredding Program schedule (PDF).

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