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Department of Solid Waste Management

Publications and Other Media

The Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management has the following publications available to acquaint residents with recycling and solid waste management activities in Ocean County, with additional information from the NJDEP focusing on New Jersey recycling as a whole. For copies of publications that cannot be accessed through our website, please contact the department at 732-506-5047 or via e-mail at ocrecycles@co.ocean.nj.us

2017 NJDEP Reuse Flyer [PDF] - A flyer distributed by the NJDEP advocating that people look to donate, sell, or give away unwanted items before they resort to disposing of them in the trash.

2017 NJDEP Cardboard Recycling Flyer [PDF] - A flyer distributed by the NJDEP reminding New Jersey residents, in an age of increasing cardboard from online purchases, to properly recycle their cardboard.

2017 Recycling Directory [PDF] - Our annually published directory, which provides important recycling information to Ocean County residents. Contains info on the full range of recycling opportunities available in Ocean County as well as info on policies, facilities, and programs. Addresses frequently asked questions about recycling and other solid waste management issues.

Plastic Bag Recycling Flyer [PDF] - Flyer from the NJDEP on recycling plastic bags through supermarkets. Please do NOT place plastic bags in your recycling containers.

Recycling... A Shore Thing [PDF] - Brochure providing a brief summary on what materials are mandated for recycling in Ocean County for all sectors, and other recycling opportunities at the county's recycling centers.

Welcome to the Ocean County Backyard Composting Demonstration Site [PDF] - Brochure providing general information regarding composting and the compost units displayed at the county's demonstration site.

Help Your Community by Becoming an Ocean County Master Composter Volunteer [PDF] - Brochure providing general information on the Ocean County Master Composter Training Program.

Do Your Part! A Guide to Buying, Using & Disposing of Household Toxic Products [PDF] - Brochure explaining to Ocean County consumers how they can reduce the generation of household toxic products and save money by shopping smart and using toxic-free household alternatives. Proper disposal of toxic household products is also discussed.

"Grasscycling" Brochure [PDF] - Brochure explaining how to recycle your grass clippings naturally by the "cut and leave it" method. The brochure also discusses proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing to maintain a healthy lawn.

"Grasscycling" Flyer [PDF] - Flyer from the NJDEP on "grasscyling."

Your Guide To Home Composting [PDF] - Brochure explaining how to compost, what to compost, why we should compost, and discussing the different types of units that can be used to make compost.

Kids Can Compost Too! [PDF] - This colorful brochure for children explains the basics behind composting and its environmental benefits.

• Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County Publications on Home Composting - Various leaflets are available on home composting from the Rutgers Extension of Ocean County by contacting the Department of Solid Waste Management.

Teacher’s Resource Guide to Recycling in Ocean County [PDF] - This guide, first introduced in 1995 and last updated in 2004, is geared towards students in grades four through six. Copies of the guide are available from the Department of Solid Waste Management office. Guide is also available in CD-Rom format.

Composting with Pallets [PDF] - Guide demonstrating how residents can easily create composting bins out of wooden pallets.

The Benefits of Recycling for Businesses - Flyer from the NJDEP on the benefits of recycling for NJ businesses.

Items That Should NOT Be Placed With Recyclables - Flyer from the NJDEP displaying items commonly found in the recycling stream that do NOT belong.

 Recycling and Solid Waste Tonnage Data (2017) [PDF]- Yearly data presenting both landfilled and recycled material tonnages for all Ocean County municipalities. To receive copies of this data, please contact the Department of Solid Waste Management.

Ocean County Recycles Video

Video providing an overview of Ocean County’s solid waste management activities, appropriate for all age groups.

Videos are also available at all Ocean County Library branches.