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Plastic Bags

"Recycle Plastic Bags At Supermarkets, Not In Your Household Recycling Bins"

PLASTIC BAGS are NOT recyclable through Ocean County's recycling program and should NOT be placed with your single stream recyclables. Bags can be damaging to equipment at the county's processing facilities. By wrapping around screens and machinery, they lead to inefficient sorting of the recyclable commodities and require regular shutdowns of operations in order to give employees a chance to cut plastic bags free from equipment. PLEASE DO NOT BAG YOUR SINGLE STREAM RECYCLABLES OR PLACE LOOSE PLASTIC BAGS IN WITH YOUR RECYCLABLES.

Many grocery stores (including Stop & Shop and ShopRite) and "big box" stores (including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, J.C. Penney, and Sam's Club) have programs for plastic bag recycling, and will typically have a drop off box for plastic bags near main entrances.

For a list of businesses in your area where you may bring plastic bags for recycling, click the plasticfilmrecycling.org link below and enter your area code in the search bar (Note: Stop & Shop does not appear in the plasticfilmrecycling.org listings, however all Stop & Shop locations participate in plastic bag recycling).


Alternately, consider bringing reusable bags with you when grocery shopping in order to reduce or eliminate your need for single use plastic bags. Many grocery stores now sell reusable bags at checkout, and some may offer discounts to customers that bring reusable bags with them.

For more information about plastic bag recycling in NJ, visit recyclingnj.com