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The American Rescue Plan Act

The County of Ocean, New Jersey - 2022 Recovery Plan

Since March of 2020, when the coronavirus resulted in a host of state-mandated restrictions affecting schools, businesses, local governments and residents, the financial impact of COVID 19 continues to reverberate throughout our communities. While the virus spread seems to have decreased with the assistance of vaccines and testing, many are still hurting from the fiscal, economical and emotional losses experienced during this time.

Ocean County will appropriate funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to assist its municipalities, public health agencies, human services and a host of providers to help those most affected by COVID 19.

Ocean County has designed its recovery plan to include the targeting of underserved and marginalized groups within its boundaries. Through various programs detailed in this report, the County has aimed for the inclusion of adversely affected groups. In the report, Ocean County addresses issues affecting non-English speaking persons, senior citizens, the needy and homeless, residents facing eviction, at-risk populations, children and adolescents who may have lost a caregiver due to COVID 19 and mental health issues with an aim toward closing economic gaps and other problems worsened by the pandemic. The plan also includes funding to help with necessary infrastructure projects in some Ocean County towns.

Ocean County held a public hearing on the report on Feb. 7, 2023, at which time comments were accepted from the public on the County’s use of approximately $25.4 million of its first ARPA appropriation of $59 million.

The Ocean County Board of Commissioners voted on the report and its recommendations during its Feb. 15 Board meeting in the Ocean County Administration Building.

The following is the document prepared by Ocean County outlining the use of the ARPA funds. To view specific sections of the document, click on the appropriate heading from the Table of Contents page.