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Organization Areas

The Office of the Warden is comprised of several administrative and operational units that fall under the direct command of Warden Joseph Valenti

These units consist of :
Physical Plant Unit The Physical Plant Unit is responsible for a wide array of tasks.
Inmate Transportation Unit The Transportation Unit is responsible for coordinating scheduled and nonscheduled transports for inmates housed in the Ocean County Jail.
Investigations Bureau/Internal Affairs for conducting investigations into allegations of employee misconduct and crimes committed within the facility.
Booking - Intake and Release, Classification, Records Booking staff perform many functions related to the intake of subjects committed to the Ocean County Dept of Corrections.
Staff Development Unit The Staff Development Unit is responsible for coordinating the orientation and continuing education of both the civilian and sworn staff of Ocean County Department of Corrections.
Community Work Program utilizes minimum-security, minimum-status offenders to complete various projects in the community.
Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a team of highly trained tactical officers and supervisors designed and equipped to respond to any type of emergency inside or outside of the facility.
Basic Course for County Correction Officers The Ocean County Department of Corrections, in conjunction with the Ocean County Police Academy, conducts the Police Training Commission Basic Course for County Correction Officers (Corrections Academy)
Disciplinary Hearing Officer serves a quasi-judical function by adjudicating charges that inmates receive from Officers for violating institutional rules or procedures.
Day Reporting Program is an alternative to a county weekend sentence
Community Education Programs are educational programs we offer are part of the Ocean County Department of Corrections Clean Communities Program
Program Services Unit The Program Services Unit is comprised of Counselors who are responsible for providing a wide variety of social services geared specifically to the offender population
The Business Office is responsible for the day to day administrative functions of the Ocean County Department of Corrections.

Employment with the Department of Corrections

The Ocean County Department of Corrections hires the best and brightest in all applicable job titles.

Career opportunities include County Correction Officer; Counselor, Penal Institution; Aide, Penal Institution and a variety of other essential clerical and support titles.

All hiring is coordinated through the New Jersey Civil Service Commission through competitive exams or through the intergovernmental transfer program.

Information about these programs is available through the New Jersey Civil Service Commission website

Correction Officers who are eligible for intergovernmental transfer can contact Detective Lt. Michael Delanoy (732) 929-2043, ext. 3386.

Department of Corrections Vision and Values

The Ocean County Department of Corrections will be an organizational team that is conducive to camaraderie amongst staff, mutual respect between staff and inmates in surroundings that are physically and environmentally safe. Our staff will be lifelong learners prospering in multicultural harmony, respectful of their internal and external environments, actively participating in bettering their communities, with healthy families and economic security.

The Department acknowledges its legal and moral obligation to comply with all Constitutional rights; Court rulings; and Federal and State statutory law and administrative code. In an effort to ensure compliance with these mandates, the Department has elected to maintain the highest correctional standards by undergoing an external accreditation audit and continuing accreditation from the National Commission on Correctional Heath Care, as well as striving for a perfect score on the New Jersey Department of Corrections annual jail inspection/certification.

The Department acknowledges that the security of the facility, and the welfare and safety of the community, staff and inmates are the principal responsibilities of the Department of Corrections. All efforts will be taken to prevent any breach of security that could endanger the welfare of the general public, staff, and inmates. Departmental Policy and Procedures will be professionally developed and rigorously adhered to in an effort to prevent any breach of security.

The Department also recognizes its obligation to the citizens of the County of Ocean to be fiscally responsible and utilize sound management practices in pursuit of its mission. To this end the Department promotes and supports the professional development of its employees and the implementation of state of the art correctional practices. It is committed to providing continuous staff training on current correctional issues and encourages personal development through continuing education.

It is both the policy and practice of the Ocean County Department of Corrections to afford equal opportunities to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, political affiliation, disability or handicap as defined by the American Disabilities Act. Additionally all persons incarcerated will be afforded equal participation in any and all programs offered by the institution such as religious services, recreational activities, educational, rehabilitation and legal services subject to requirements of institutional security.

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