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This facility features the "Getting Out" platform which means you hget more ways to stay connected and imates get more productive and enjoyable ways to spend their time.

3 Easy Steps to Talk to Your Loved One

  1. Create Account - online at: www.GettingOut.com/Create-Account
  2. Deposit Funds
    Online at: www.GettingOut.com/Create-Account
    By Phone: 1-866-516-0115
    Mobile App: Apple Store or Google Play
  3. Talk Away - messages, phones, photo sharing, video visits, music, movies & games.

Tablet Profiles

Free Profile

The following applications will be available to the inmate population on the tablet at no cost:
• Tablet Account Information: Tablet fund balance
• Facility Information: Inmate Rulebook
• Law Library: allows inmates to research legal material through Lexis Nexis
• Announcements: Notifications made to the inmate population
• Grievances and Requests
• Commissary Ordering: the ability for inmates to place commissary orders
• Religious: a variety of religious material
• Educational: a variety of educational materials
*NOTE: Time restrictions shall apply to the free profile applications

Promotional Profile

New or advertised applications available to the inmate for a reduced fee.

Standard Profile

Entertainment applications will be available to the inmate population on the tablet for a fee. These applications include, but are not limited to:
• music, movies;
• non-violent games; and
• other inmate appropriate entertainment.

Messaging: allows inmates and approved contacts to exchange electronic typed messages. Message Link allows inmate friends and family to attach photographs to incoming electronic messages. The messages and the attached photographs must pass through the scanning process built into Message Link before being approved for inmate access.


Photos: Inappropriate photos will not be sent, and the family/friend will not be reimbursed for rejected photos that are deemed inappropriate. Photo rules include, but are not limited to:
• Nothing illegal in picture;
• No filtered pictures (i.e. Snapchat filters) allowed;
• No hand gestures of any kind including hearts, rock and roll, peace sign;
• All individuals in photos must be fully clothed (top and a bottom) regardless of age or gender (No kids in diapers, etc…)
• No 3rd party pictures (posters, love letters, etc..)
• No collage pictures with multiple pictures combined
NOTE: Inmate may use multiple apps at the same time (i.e. listen to music while sending messages).


Attorney General – Promoting Diversity in Law Enforcement Recruiting and Hiring
Pursuant to the December 2021 Attorney General Guideline “Promoting Diversity in Law Enforcement Recruiting and Hiring,” the Ocean County Department of Corrections is committed to doing all that we can to hire staff who reflect the communities that we serve (see N.J.S.A.52:17B-4.10).
Ocean County Department of Corrections in full compliance with N.J.A.C.10A:31
On April 22-26, 2024, the Department of Corrections, through its office of County Services, conducted an inspection on the Ocean County Department of Corrections.

As a result of this inspection, the County of Ocean was found to be in full compliance with the requirements of N.J.A.C 10A:31.

Congratulation on this achievement and we commend our staff for efforts made in preparation for the inspection.
2023 Internal Affairs Summary
2023 Internal Affairs Summary
Internal Affairs: 2023 Snapshot
This sheet contains some top-line facts and figures for Internal Affairs cases closed in 2023.
Detailed breakdowns can be found in the subsequent pages.
Major Discipline Report 2023
Pursuant to Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive No. 2022-14, every state, county, and local law enforcement agency in New Jersey is required to submit to the Attorney General and the County Prosecutor, and publish on the agency's public website, a brief synopsis of all complaints where a termination, reduction in rank or grade, and/or suspension of more than five days, as well as sustained findings listed in the above directive, regardless of the type or severity of discipline imposed, was assessed t

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