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Anyone interested in employment opportunities with Ocean County must fully complete Ocean County Employment Application. Submission of a resume with the application is suggested. For positions requiring a license or certification, copies of the documents should also be submitted with the application.

Ocean County employment is governed by the rules and regulations of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. As such, Ocean County is a merit system jurisdiction. For additional information please visit the NJ Civil Service Commission.


It is the policy of Ocean County to afford equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, affectional or sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion or disability, except where a particular qualification is specifically permitted and is essential to successful job performance.


As you may know, Ocean County has been recognized by many national publications as one of the best places in the country in which to live. One of the reasons for such recognition is the commitment of public officials, local businesses and community leaders to provide and create employment opportunities for County residents. To this end, applicants for employment and all employees currently, or, in the future, in the employment of the County, must be legal residents of Ocean County.


The Ocean County Board of Commissioners is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct for all employees and officials of the County. We believe adherence to high ethical standards is critical to establishing and maintaining public trust and confidence in government. Ocean County strives to insure that all county employees and officials fully comply with the Local Government Ethics Law.


New Jersey values the contributions that our veterans have made, and continue to make, for our country's freedom and for other nations around the world. As such, New Jersey's civil service system provides absolute veteran's preference in employee selection. This means that qualified veterans are placed at the top of an open competitive employment list ahead of non-veterans regardless of their scores. Disabled veterans and veterans are placed on promotional lists according to their scores, but they have preference over non-veterans when a disabled veteran or veteran is at the top of a certification of the list to an appointing authority.

For additional information or questions contact:

NJ Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 340
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0340
Phone: (800) 624-0508
Fax: (609) 530-6970

Or visit the NJ Civil Service Commission Webiste.


Ready to apply to Ocean County? Completed Employment Applications may be submitted online, hand delivered or mailed.


Fill out the Ocean County Employmnet Application and submit it online.


  1. If you would like a paper application they can be picked up at 101 Hooper Ave. Toms River, NJ 08753 2nd Floor Employee Relations.

  2. Mail or hand deliver a completed application and resume to:
  3. Ocean County Department of Employee Relations
    101 Hooper Avenue
    P.O. Box 2191
    Toms River, NJ 08754-2191

  • Be sure to FULLY complete your application. Blank spaces and unanswered questions will only hold it up.

  • Be sure to complete your application as accurately as possible. Provide correct names, dates and contact information to keep the application process moving. Ocean County verifies all references.

  • Be sure to submit your application on time for the current job opening. If you are mailing your application, don’t forget to allow for time in the mail.