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Department of Human Services

The Ocean County Department of Human Services was established by the Ocean County Board of Commissioners to initiate and support program development addressing human services needs in Ocean County. The Department aims to facilitate and oversee, through effective partnerships, a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of at risk individuals and families. The Department is comprised of different Boards and Commissions that focus upon specialized areas of service delivery and program development.

Learn more about the Human Services Advisory Council

Human Services Advisory Council

Human Services Advisory Councils (HSAC) are county-based planning, advisory, and coordinating organizations dedicated to helping the community meet human services needs.

Learn more about the Mental Health Board

Mental Health Board

The Ocean County Mental Health Board's mission is to protect, assist, and empower people with mental illness. The Board makes recommendations, consistent with the County Mental Health Plan, regarding mental health funding and program development.

Learn more about the Children's Interagency Coordinating Council

Children's InterAgency Coordinating Council

The Children's InterAgency Coordinating Council's (CIACC) mission is to serve as the local voice on children's behavioral health services.

Learn more about Disaster Response

Disaster Response

The Ocean County Emergency Response Committee addresses the following: developing a geriatric task force; responding to and providing education about the tragedy of youth suicide; and reaching out to local clergy regarding trauma in the community.

Learn more about the Office for Individuals with Disabilities

Office for Individuals with Disabilities

The Office for Individuals with Disabilities works as an information and referral resource for the residents of Ocean County. The Office strives to provide assistance, education and advocacy to individuals with disabilities, their families and communities.

Learn more about the Women's Commission

Women's Commission

The Advisory Commission on the Status of Women, also referred to as the Women's Commission is dedicated to studying the needs, concerns, and interests as well as identifying services and resources for women in Ocean County.

Learn more about the Workforce Development

Workforce Development Board

The Workforce Development Board is an advisory board responsible for the development and implementation of a One Stop Delivery System which provides seamless workforce development services to enhance Ocean County's workforce and economic development.

Opioid Advisory Council

Opioid Advisory Council

The Ocean County Opioid Advisory Council (OCOAC) is a county-based planning, advisory and coordinating council dedicated to helping the community by providing input, advice, and recommendations to the County of Ocean and participating municipalities regarding the use of opioid settlement funds.

Outreach and Development Initiative to strengthen community engagements

Outreach and Development

We have created an Outreach and Development Initiative to strengthen community engagements. The goal of this initiative is to provide resource and referral connections, understand the needs of the community, and representing Human Services.

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