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Women's Commission

The Ocean County Advisory Commission on the Status of Women was created by the Board of Commissioners in October of 1977 under the sponsorship of Ocean County's first woman Commissioner Hazel F. Gluck. Nineteen volunteer Commissioners are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to serve as Commissioners. The Commissioners represent the diverse roles that women assume in our society. The Commission is dedicated to analyzing the needs, concerns, problems and interests as well as identifying services and resources for women in Ocean County.

The Commission's role in Ocean County includes providing the women of Ocean County and their families with both a network and a voice through:

  • Information & Awareness - The Commission has full time staff that are committed to gathering and updating resource information that is made available to the community through publications and referral services. Commission staff also keep detailed information regarding the types of inquiries that are received by office staff. This information is shared with other organizations and agencies in order to enhance program planning

  • Collaboration - The Commission collaborates with many organizations and service providers by sharing information on issues of concern in an effort to improve the status of women and their families.

  • Advocacy - The Commission acts as an advocate for women's issues and for equal rights and opportunities for all women in Ocean County by providing a voice and a resource for networking. The Commission also acts as a liaison providing a bridge to the Board of Commissioners on matters concerning women in our community