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Ocean County Opioid Advisory Council

The Ocean County Opioid Advisory Council (OCOAC) is a county-based planning, advisory and coordinating council dedicated to helping the community by providing input, advice, and recommendations to the County of Ocean and participating municipalities regarding the use of opioid settlement funds.

The OCOAC was established pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement between the State of New Jersey and Local Governments on Opioid Litigation Recoveries dated 2022, which establishes binding terms for the distribution and spending of funds from any National Opioid Litigation Resolution that is a settlement agreement or bankruptcy plan. The OCOAC is responsible to the Ocean County Board of Commissioners.

It is the intention of the OCOAC to facilitate and enhance the delivery of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), and subsequently Substance Use Disorder (SUD), services through collaborative relationships in the community and between local, county, state and federal agencies. The OCOAC seeks to utilize these relationships to identify high priority needs and improve access for target populations through its planning, coordinating, enhancing and implementation of initiatives at the county level. Ocean County's functional network of agencies and organizations are dedicated to delivering strong programs and services to the community and its most vulnerable residents.

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