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Superintendent of Schools

The Executive County Superintendent and staff are responsible for reviewing all school district budgets to ensure that resources are used to guarantee a thorough and efficient education for all students. They also examine transportation contracts, as well as school facilities, for compliance. Every three years, through the NJQSAC, the county office staff conducts an in-depth, on-site monitoring of each school district to determine whether they are meeting state standards for certification. They are also observing to ensure that the schools are operating in accordance with state education law and regulation. Annual test results are examined to determine whether schools and districts are meeting state testing standards and adequate yearly progress.

The staff's most crucial duty, perhaps, is dealing directly with parents and citizens on a variety of important issues. The office is responsible for the approval of county substitute certificates, emergency certificates and coaching waivers. Citizens are assisted in obtaining teaching and administrative certifications. Job titles, descriptions and the assignment of school aides are also reviewed and approved.

The staff also provides direct assistance to districts and parents with regard to special education programs and problems. They also ensure that the local districts are operating these programs in accordance with state and federal special education requirements. A variety of grants are reviewed and processed for accuracy and compliance by the county office staff. These grants provide essential funding for programs that are operated by the local school districts.

Parents and school districts communicate with the county office regarding potential problems or issues affecting specific students in general education programs or specialized programs such as gifted/talented programs, bilingual/ESL, etc.

The County Superintendent conducts a monthly meeting with the chief school administrators as a means of keeping a direct line of communication with the Commissioner. In addition, the county School Business Administrator and county Child Study Supervisor also conduct monthly meetings for the purpose of communicating information from the Department of Education on issues that pertain to business and special education.

Executive County Superintendent: Susan Naples • Commissioner Liaison: Virginia E. Haines