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Frequently Asked Questions


 How do you make a medical or dental appointment for a child while they are a resident at the Juvenile Detention Center?
 Will medications be continued at the Juvenile Detention Center if they were previously prescribed?
 Will a parent/legal guardian be contacted if a resident is ill or needs emergency care?


 How do I contact the Education Department?
 What subjects are taught at the Juvenile Detention Center?
 What time are classes in session?

Social Services

 My child was just incarcerated, may I see him or her?
 My child was incarcerated, what can I bring in for him or her?
 May my child see any other family members besides a parent or guardian?
 May I bring in money for commissary?
 May a chaplain visit with my son or daughter?
 My child's birthday is soon, may I bring him or her a cake and a gift?
 My child has special dietary needs, how will this be accommodated?
 My child has religious needs, how will this be accommodated?
 Can I have my child locked up in detention?
 My teenager is out of control. Can you help me?
 Where can I get help for my son/daughter?


 What is the Custody Staff?
 How do I become employed as a Juvenile Detention Officer?
 What kind of training does a Custody Officer receive?
 How does the Resident Behavior System work?
 How does the Level System work?
 What privileges do the different levels have?
 Does Ocean County Juvenile Detention have any kind of Scared Straight Program?

Youth Services Commission

 What is the Youth Services Commission (YSC)?
 What services does the YSC provide?
 How do I enroll a youth in your programs?
 Can anyone become a member of the Youth Services Commission?
 How do I contact the YSC?

School Mentoring Program

 What is the School Mentoring Program?
 Where are the youth being mentored?
 Do I need a special education to be a Mentor?
 How often would I mentor a child?
 Can I bring my own games to play?
 Can I bring food in for the youth I am mentoring?
 Will I see the youth I mentor in the summer months?
 Can I meet the Mentee's family?

RAISE Program

 What is the RAISE Program?
 How do I enroll a youth in the RAISE Program?
 How do I enroll a youth in the GED program?
 Can I volunteer/Intern at the RAISE program?
 Where is the RAISE Program located?

Community Service Program

 What is the Community Service Program?
 Can I complete my Municipal Court Community Service hours?
 Can I complete my Stationhouse Adjustment/JCC Community Service requirements?
 Where is the Community Service Program?
 Can I volunteer/intern at the Community Service Program?


 How often are youth fed in the facility?
 How will special dietary needs be met?
 How will religious dietary needs be met?