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Mentoring Program

The Ocean County Mentoring Program provides safe and mature friendships to boys and girls (ages 8-11) who might need a special friend. Having a mentor can help a child handle life’s ups and downs, especially when the child may not have the traditional family support.

Growing up is never easy but having a special friend helps a lot. It is indeed special when that friend is older, wiser, and willing to take the time to listen.
Of course not all growing children need a mentor, but for so many children there is a need. When a child loses a parent through divorce, separation or death, the impact can be devastating. Sometimes the remaining parent is unable to provide all the attention the child needs. A mentor can be the friend who provides the balance necessary to help bring a child’s life back on an even keel. Think about it, how many chances do you get to really make a difference. The Ocean County Mentoring Program will give you that chance.

By volunteering, you benefit a child directly. You can see the good work you are doing-week by week, month by month. We are all busy but most of us have some time to spare. Just one hour of your time each week can mean the world to a child who has been waiting months - even years - for an adult to care enough to volunteer.

Being a mentor is not hard work. It’s spending an hour a week with a child at their school, getting to know each other in a safe, relaxed place. It might be listening to them while shooting baskets in the gym. It could be playing on a seesaw on the playground exchanging funny stories. Mentoring can be sitting on a bench listening to what is going on in a child’s life and when asked, giving advice.

The goal of a Mentor is not to be a tutor or therapist, but to improve the child’s self-confidence, ability to achieve, and pro-social skills. Volunteers are needed throughout Ocean County at an elementary school near you. What could be more fun? Or more important? Mentors make friends and friends make a difference. Make a difference.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Barry Steinmetz, School Mentoring Coordinator at 732-288-7723