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Frequently Asked Questions

 What does Ocean County Office of Senior Services do?
 What is the mission of Ocean County Office of Senior Services?
 What services are available through your office?
 I need minor repairs done at my house. Is there help for me?
 What transportation services are available to seniors in Ocean County?
 I have questions about my health insurance, Medicare, and/or Medicaid. Where can I get help to understand my benefits?
 I am over 60, and need a home health aide. How can I learn about my options?
 I am caring for an older adult and am finding it difficult to manage everything. Is there any help out there for me?
 I am having a hard time shopping and cooking. Is there any help for me?
 I am having a hard time paying for my prescriptions, is there any help to help cover the cost?
 I am looking for housing, I do not know where to begin.
 Is there an age requirement for your services and programs?
 How can I sign up for your newsletter?
 Is there a fee/charge for your services?