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Barnegat Branch Trail Signs

The Barnegat Branch Trail is a 15.6-mile linear “rail-to-trail” project that will extend from Barnegat Township to Toms River Township once completed. The public trail, which lies primarily along the abandoned Barnegat Branch Division of the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) includes numerous points of interest marked with informational signs and exhibits. This list provides a "one stop" place to view the signs.

TownshipMile MarkerTitleExtra Information
Barnegat1.07Welcome to Barnegat Township(1846)Section 1 & 2
Barnegat1.38Welcome to Lochiel CreekSection 1 & 2
Barnegat0.55Welcome to the Barnegat GlassworksSection 1 & 2
Barnegat0Welcome to the BBTSection 1 & 2
Barnegat1.02Welcome to the Blue CometSection 1 & 2
Barnegat0.22Welcome to the CNJ TurntableSection 1 & 2
Barnegat0.16Welcome to the CNJ Water TowerSection 1 & 2
Berkeley10.25Gateway to Double Trouble(1964)Section 3
BerkeleyLearn About Handcar and Sailcar
Berkeley0Post-Industrial ForrrestSection 6
Berkeley10.81Welcome to Barnegat ParkSection 3
Berkeley0Welcome to Bayville (1870)Section 6
Berkeley0.00Welcome to Berkeley Township(1875)Section 3
Berkeley10.19Welcome to the BBTSection 3
Berkeley9.42Welcome to the Cedar Creek CutSection 3
Berkeley0Welcome to the Ocean County Utilities AuthoritySection 6
BerkeleyWelcome to the Pulverizing Plant
Berkeley10.6Welcome to the Royal Pines Hotel(1929)Section 3
Lacey6.08Gateway to Barnegat Pines (1927)Section 5
Lacey6.21Gateway to Forked River MarinaSection 5
Lacey0Welcome to Cedar CreekSection7
Lacey0Welcome to Cedar Creek TrestleSection 7
Lacey6.5Welcome to Forked River HotelsSection 5
Lacey5.56Welcome to Forsythe RefugeSection 5
Lacey6.34Welcome to Lacey TownshipSection 5
Lacey6.25Welcome to North Branch Forked RiverSection 5
Lacey5.25Welcome to Ostrum StationSection 5
Lacey0Welcome to the BBTSection 5
Lacey4.33Welcome to the Oyster Creek Generating StationSection 5
Lacey0Welcome to the Watershed of Cedar CreekSection 7
Lacey5Welcome to the Watershed of the south Branch Forked RiverSection 5
Ocean2.4Bayside HotelsCountry Lane
Ocean3.24Gateway to Lighthouse Center(1927)Section 4
Ocean2.98Gateway to Wells Mills Park (1985)Section 4
Ocean4Learn About False HeatherSection 4
Ocean2.4Panel FiveCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Panel FourCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Panel OneCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Panel ThreeCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Panel TwoCountry Lane
Ocean1.92Pinelands Fire EcologySection 1 & 2
Ocean2.4Round Trip SpecialCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Train TimetableCountry Lane
Ocean2.4Warren DiariesCountry Lane
Ocean3.53Welcome to Albert HallSection 4
Ocean2.38Welcome to Ocean TownshipSection 1 & 2
Ocean2.92Welcome to the BBTSection 4
Ocean1.79Welcome to the Tuckerton RailroadSection 1 & 2
Ocean3.07Welcome to Waretown CreekSection 4
South Toms RiverGateway to Jakes Branch
South Toms RiverWelcome to SouthToms River (1927)

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