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Master Composter Program

The Ocean County Master Composter Program received the prestigious NJDEP award for Outstanding Achievement in Recycling/Educational Program. It is an annual program designed to educate individuals on waste reduction and sustainability. The program provides participants with valuable knowledge on organic waste, soil health, garden biodiversity, recycling, climate impact, and sustainable choices. These trained volunteers emerge as influential community leaders in Ocean County, championing environmentally responsible practices.

Embark on a rewarding journey with our 15-hour volunteer training program, designed to empower individuals as advocates for composting, recycling, and sustainability. Upon completion, volunteers commit to dedicating 24 hours to outreach, education, and service, championing the advantages of home composting.

Volunteers contribute their required 24 hours through active participation in diverse activities, including attending community events, leading "How to Compost" workshops, and engaging in digital outreach. This multifaceted approach, encompassing social media content creation, article writing, and photography, extends the program's impact across various platforms, inspiring positive environmental actions.

Training sessions take place at the Ocean County Recycling Education Center, and other locations around Ocean County. This invaluable program is offered at no cost to Ocean County residents and taxpayers, fostering a community-driven commitment to environmental stewardship.

Each applicant must complete and submit the application below. Any questions please contact Sandra Blain-Snow at (732) 506-5047 or email compost@co.ocean.nj.us

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