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Ocean County Debuts New Guide for Businesses Lakewood Scoop – July 13, 2023

Brick Students Give Unsightly Recycling Igloos A Makeover" PHIL STILTON JUNE 16, 2023. Shore News Network.

Talented Brick Memorial High School art students create new recycling image in Ocean County, NJ" WOBM. June 15, 2023.

Ocean County Offers New Program for Proper Disposal of Marine Flares" The Sandpaper Juliet Kaszas-Hoch. April 5, 2023

Dispose of Boat Flares Properly with New Ocean County Program" Patch. Veronica Flesher, March 31, 2023

There is a new way for you to safely dispose of boat flares in Ocean County, NJ"WOBM March 30, 2023

"Ocean County’s Free Document Shredding Schedule Set" The SandPaper Maria Scandale February 15, 2023

"Time to Shred! Here are times and dates for Ocean County, NJ 2023 shredding program" WOBM, Vin Ebenau Published: February 9, 2023

"Dates Scheduled For Household Hazardous Waste Collection" > Jersey Shore online. Bob Vosseller -January 31, 2023

"Dates for the Ocean County’s Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Announced for 2023" > Lakewood Scoop – January 30, 2023

"Towns Reap Highest-Ever Funds in Recycling Revenue-Sharing Program" SandPaper, Juliet Kaszas-Hoch --September 7th, 2022

"Recycling Efforts Put $142K In Toms River's Bank" Patch.com, Karen Wall --September 7th, 2022

"As Market Improves, Ocean County Resumes Distributing Recycling Revenue to Towns" Shorebeat, Daniel Nee --September 1st, 2022

"Ocean County recycling revenue reaches new high" Asbury Park Press, Amanda Oglesbyi -September 1st, 2022

"Ocean County announces the largest recycling revenue sharing grants since the
program’s inception in 1995; Lakewood and Toms River Top the Charts"
Lakewood Scoop - August 31st, 2022

"Officials: Investing In Recycling Pays Off" Jersey Shore Online, Alyssa Riccardi -May 2, 2022

"Ocean County Recycling Program Is on an Uptick" The SandPaper, Rick Mellerup - April 28, 2022

"Recycling Revenues Rebound After Investment By Ocean County Board of Commissioners and Improved Markets" Lakewood Scoop - April 13, 2022

"Hazardous Waste Collection Program Returns To Ocean County" Jersey Shore Online, Bob Vosseller - March 31, 2022

"Ocean County Receives Recycling Award" Jersey Shore Online, Bob Vosseller - October 29, 2021

"Ocean County Now Accepting More Plastics, Paper, Metal in Curbside Recycling Bins" The Sandpaper. August 04, 2021

"Improvements To Ocean County Recycling Program Allows County To Expand On What Residents Toss Into Their Bins" The Lakewood Scoop, July, 22, 2021

"Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Sites Announced" Jersey Shore Online, July 6, 2021

"Four more opportunities in Ocean County to get rid of your hazardous waste" WOBM, July 2, 2021

"Save Our Environment – Recycle! Free Webinar" Jersey Shore Online, March 26, 2021

"Ocean County’s Free Residential Document Shredding Program Gets Under Way In April" Wrat.com, March 19th

"Five Jersey Shore towns receiving $100,000 in recycling grants from the State" WOBM, March 17th

"Free Document Shredding Coming Back To Ocean County" Jersey Shore Online. March 11, 2021

"Remember the trade war with China? Here's one way it's still slamming Shore wallets" Asbury Park Press, March 5, 2021

"Hazardous Household Waste Collection Programs Planned" Jersey Shore Online, March 3, 2021