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How to Compost

Steps to start composting at home

1. Select a method (Indoor or Outdoor)

Composting materials

2. Select a bin

(Tumbler, turning unit, enclosed unit, open unit or wormfarm)

3. Find a proper location for your bin

- Close to kitchen or garden
- Level ground near water source.
- On bare soil in sun or shade.
- Away from trees and shrubs.
- Sufficient space for composting.
- Away from wooden buildings.

4. Supplies required:

Compost Bin, Kitchen Scrap Container, Pitchfork + Optional (Thermometer, Wheelbarrow + Compost Screener)

5. Layer up materials:

1 layer of greens, 1 layer of browns. Use 2 times or more browns than greens, and make sure the last layer is brown (to avoid odors and critters)
Composting materials

6. Wait

It can take from 3 months to 2 years, start a new bin while waiting!

7. Enjoy!

Composting materials