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How to Compost

Composting is easy! Learn all the basics by following the steps in the guide below.

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Follow this steps to start composting at home

1. Select a method (Indoor or Outdoor)

Composting materials

2. Select a bin

(Tumbler, turning unit, enclosed unit, open unit or wormfarm)
Composting materials

3. Find a proper location for your bin

Location - Close to kitchen or garden<br>- Level ground near water source.<br>- On bare soil in sun or shade. <br>- Away from trees and shrubs. <br>- Sufficient space for composting. <br>- Away from wooden buildings.

4. Supplies required:

Compost Bin, Kitchen Scrap Container, Pitchfork + Optional (Thermometer, Wheelbarrow + Compost Screener)
Composting materials

5. Layer up materials:

1 layer of greens, 1 layer of browns. Use 2 times or more browns than greens, and make sure the last layer is brown (to avoid odors and critters)
Composting materials

6. Turn and Add water as needed. Then wait and harvest!

It can take from 3 months to 2 years, start a new bin while waiting! If you turn the bin every other week the process will be quicker. Remember to let your compost cure for at least 2 weeks before using it.

Composting materials