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Department of Solid Waste Management

Household Hazardous Waste Program

The Ocean County HHW special collection program runs every spring & fall, the events are for all residents and homeowners of Ocean County. All materials, with the exception of oil and gasoline, must be in original containers.

Program is NOT open to businesses and commercial establishments, schools, and municipal/state government agencies.

This program costs money to run, your money, the taxpayer. Any toxic product you purchase will eventually require disposal. Read labels before you purchase any product, check the ingredients, usage, storage, disposal, and hazard information on every product. Is there a non-toxic option? Watch for words such as “Toxic”, “Danger”, “Flammable”,
“Corrosive”, learn how to identify the symbols

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE FROM HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS: Buy only what you need & use what you buy, look for toxic-free alternatives and make sure to store materials properly & dispose of them at our events.

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Fall schedule will be annouced June 2021

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