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"The Lake Riviera Middle School (L.R.M.S.) Green Team students would like to thank you for their trip to the Ocean County Recycling Center. The education and knowledge that the students gained during this experience will be utilized by each and every member of the L.R.M.S. Green Team. The students comprehension of the recycling and composting processes will benefit their peers, inspire their community and impact the environment for future generations. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity that provided an impactful and unforgettable experience."

"Thank you for hosting S.T.E.M. students of Brick Memorial Highschool (Class of 2023). It was very interesting to see how the recycling process works behind the scenes. It was cool to learn that places across the seas take our recycling and give us money in return. It was also interesting to see the people at work there and the work they do in the building. What was really eye opening to see was the amount of non recyclable things that are tossed into recycling. It definitely got us thinking about different ways to recycle our paper and plastic and other materials to help you with your job.

Some of us didn’t even know that place existed until that day. It was exciting to go from not knowing a place existed to being able to see how the place works. We very much appreciate the time you took out of your day to educate us. We will definitely use the information you shared with us in our classwork to make our building campus more environmentally sustainable."