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Recycling Centers

Our Northern & Southern Recycling Centers welcome all residents and taxpayers of Ocean County.
If you missed the recycling truck you can bring your material to our drop off station, we also accept (during business hours) special recycling items such as TV’s, paint, rechargeable batteries, plastic furniture and more.
Free compost, mulch and woodchips are also available for pick up for residents of Ocean County.
Hours of operation for both facilities are 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (Saturdays for residents only).

Single Stream Recycling (full list of all accepted and non-accepted recycling materials)
Special Recycling Drop Offs

Northern Recycling Center

Below are links to maps and directions for various sections of the Nothern Recycling Center:

Visitor Areas/Drop-Off Locations

Recyclables Drop-Off Locations (residents)


601 New Hampshire Avenue
Single Stream Drop Off
Building 68 Special Recycling

535 Oberlin Avenue South
Brush & leaves
Free compost, mulch and woodchips.

800 Towbin Avenue
Recyclable Materials Processing Facility (Incoming & Outgoing Loads)
Recycling Education Center & Tours
Backyard Composting Demonstration Site
Atlantic Coast Recycling Office
Commercial Brush, Leaves, Finished Compost & Wood Chips

If you are interested scheduling a tour of the Northern Recycling Center, please contact Melissa Davis at (732) 367-0802 or email her at MDavis@co.ocean.nj.us

For additional information about this location, you may contact the NRC at (732) 367-0802.

Southern Recycling Center

Located at 379 Haywood Road, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

written directions to the Southern Recycling Center

Visit the 24/7 Drop Off for
Single Stream Recyclables
Clothing bins.

Visit building #105 for
Special Waste
Brush & Leaves
Free compost, mulch and woodchips.

For additional information about this location, you may contact the SRC at (609) 978-0913.

Northern Recycling Center

Southern Recycling Center

Recycling Education Center

Processing Facility

Recyclable Materials Processing Facility